Child room curtains: an important element

curtains bedroom child girl decoration

Your child's room is his little paradise corner. It's his space to rest, play, study and invite his friends. Its layout and decoration require special attention: combination of colors, furniture both aesthetic and functional, a well chosen decoration ... Today, we will focus on a decorative and practical element: the curtains!

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Children's room curtains: elegant curtain with colorful elements

curtains child room boy decor

If your child's room is already furnished, the choice of curtains must be appropriate to the existing style and decoration. There are several varieties of curtains with original patterns, colorful and fun. This type of curtains will be more appropriate to a room furnished in a rather minimalist style and with very little decoration. A bedroom which favors light colors, for example, is perfect to be decorated with a nice patterned curtain. On the other hand, if the room already has several elements of decoration and decoration of different colors, you risk to arrive at a kitsch which can be heavy and not very relaxing.

Pink children's room curtains

curtains bedroom child bb girl idea

Here is an example of a child room with a white interior. The pink curtain, with teddy bear motifs, goes well with style and decoration. This curtain will suit simple interiors, while the example below can blend with a pink, blue, yellow, green and other interior.

White curtain with pretty designs

curtains bedroom child idea deco trend

The example below shows a girl's room that mixes three shades of red: pink, red and marsala. The choice of the curtain is very aesthetic: a transparent curtain of magic sweetness.

red curtain

curtains bedroom child idea deco game room

This blue room has several elements in different colors in terms of furniture and decoration. For this reason, it is good to opt for one-colored curtains. In this case, it's blue and khaki green.

Blue room with blue curtains

curtains bedroom child idea curtains blue carpet original floor

White interior room with blue wall

curtains bedroom child decorating idea curtain pattern

Curtains green with a blue part

curtains bedroom child idea curtains green blue deco bed

Pink curtains with a little purple

bedroom child girl interior pink curtain idea floor mat

Curtains well matched to the overall style of this room

child room idea decoration curtains child idea boy

White curtains of universal style

child bedroom idea curtains

Room in white and pale orange

decoration bedroom child idea floor mat orange cushion white shelf

curtain room child idea armchair blue cushion pattern

curtains bedroom child bed arrangement blue modern pink

curtain bedroom child original composition frames bed

child room idea layout drawings fish

child room idea arrangement blue orange hanging lamp curtain blue pattern

Blue curtains bedroom child idea decoration

original idea room child deco wall bouquet of flowers

child room curtain transparent deco plush idea

curtain star bedroom child idea

baby room curtains with blue car motif

Curtain bedroom girl boy child idea layout

bedroom girl idea pink curtain

child room curtain red idea bed mats child ground

idea curtain room child idea original furniture boy room

idea room child curtain window curtain white pattern boat furniture for child

boy theme room idea sport sport

idea of ​​curtain for bedroom child curtain white floral pattern original idea wallpaper

bedroom girl curtains idea design floor mats pink wallpaper

children's room curtains patterns decoration walls curtains patterned

bedroom idea arrangement blue curtains easy chair

child bedroom idea arrangement bed cushions elephant curtains

child room frame composition floor rug pink gray idea

idea curtain bedroom child bed sofa blue cushions oranges mirror storage

curtains bedroom child idea pattern animals

curtains bedroom child idea pattern horse bouquet tulips

curtains bedroom child idea curtain pattern pink parquet white design

arrangement curtains bedroom child idea curtain transparent furniture wooden floor mats deco

curtains bedroom girl pink wooden furniture idea

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