Child's design bedroom: 25 original photos

hammock room decorations for children

This is no longer the time when interior design was reserved for adult rooms. The proof is in these images of design room for children.

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Design room designers are turning to the world of children to play with the colors, fun objects and passions of the little ones. And why not relive some moments of their own childhood! Check out their interesting creations for girl and boy rooms with these 25 images.

Designer room for children: shared room

child furniture library bedrooms girl

We have already looked at the development of shared rooms to discover that the difficulties of decorating such a space grow when it is mixed and houses a boy and a girl. That's why space separation furniture remains one of the best solutions for a room of this type. You see an example on the photo above with white cabinet having a corner office and storage practice.

Girl's design room: square with wall decorations

wallpapers girl wall stickers kids rooms

Use wallpaper for wall decoration of a child's room? In any case what we did in this girl's room and the result is excellent! A nice wallpaper can bring a personal touch to a room decorated in white. Additional original idea: a slate that crosses the wall and can be used for drawings, homework or even music class notes.

Ideas for wall decorations in a boy's room

blackboard for wall wall decorations for bedroom

In the boy's room, there is another blackboard dedicated to the exploration of space. Enough to awaken the imagination of science lovers from an early age! And, to complete this original decoration, we added little details that we dreamed of having in our rooms of olden days: austronaut robot and very original ceiling lamp. Explore all the ideas for designing a girl or boy design room below.

Shared child design room for girl and boy by Fajno Design

mixed bedroom furniture girl

Idea of ​​planning work area for boy

bedroom design desks for boys

Planning idea in boy's room design

furniture boy room kids bed

Beautiful wall decorations for boys

kids room decor ideas boy walls

Boy room and ideas for interesting wall decorations

kids room wall design wallpaper boy

Wall decoration with wallpaper and wood for girl's room

how to decorate children's room wallpapers girls

Decoration with wood in girl's room design

decorating idea girl room wooden toys

decorative design furniture for children's room

toys for girls decorating rooms kids pink

work space arrangement girl's rooms

child girl modern furniture desks

shared rooms separation furniture in white

boy furniture furniture ideas for kids

furniture boy room child color

wall decorations for boys designer rooms

girl bed rooms small spaces

child beds bedroom furniture white girl

wall decorations kids rooms

office chairs for children's room decoration girl

storage space for children's room white furniture

design children's rooms design small spaces

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