Child's room in shades of gray: 25 ideas of decoration

child room decoration idea armchair stickers wooden table white chair

How to decorate the children's room in gray tones? The gray color is often chosen for its neutrality. It's a matte hue. Halfway between white and black, gray is easy to integrate into every style of interior.

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Indeed, gray is not a color in the true sense of the term. It is sometimes bland, but always soft and discreet. It can add depth to the room and easily associate with a wide range of colors. In light shades for a natural style or in dark shades for an industrial style, it is up to you to decline the multitude of shades of gray. To help you in your aesthetic research and adding some practical tips, we invite you to discover our gallery of examples of children's room. Be inspired by our ideas folder.

Child's room in shades of gray: 25 decorating ideas

children's bedroom decor idea office bed sofa deco wall stickers wallpaper palm

Blue or pink? This is a common question when it comes to the layout of our children's room. In reality, it is only in the 30s that these two colors become sexed. Previously all children, regardless of sex, wore long white dresses until they were six years old. The choice of pink and blue is easy, but sometimes you want to be a little more original in the layout and decoration of the children's room. Which color to choose? The range is wide. If you are not sure in your choice and you want to stay in neutral tones, why not choose the gray (clear, mole Or other) ? Well matched, it will give depth to the room. It can be associated with many shades: yellow, blue, green for a cool atmosphere or pink, red, orange for a more sophisticated atmosphere. Discover our gallery and find the best solution for your little one's room:

Children's room with LEGO inspired decoration

children's room bed arrangement idea lego bed table stickers

Girl's room with gray walls and bedhead quilted pink

children's room pink black white wallpaper black and white pink quilted headboard

Room with gray walls and elements in blue and orange

children's room headboard cushions carpet cushions

White, gray, red

child room design idea floor mat round shelf white furniture red carpet

Light gray, light purple and white for a feminine and soft atmosphere

child room girl decorating decoration purple curtains wardrobe shelves

Light gray and dark gray

black and white room idea lighting design black bookcase wood

Geometry and color

wall decoration deco frames wallpaper sofa cushion white table

Room in white and pink clear

children's bedroom decor wall quilts headboard padded cushions armchair pink white

bedroom teen boy deco wall frames sheets cushions armchair floor mats

bedroom child bed loft wood floor mats white frame wall office white wood chair

kids room loft bed gray floor mats wallpaper

room child curtains black white mirror frame wood floor rug blue cushions ideas

bedroom child bed loft cushions idea wallpaper red white shelves

loft bed idea green chair deco wall poster fixture

gray wall layout room child bed cushion wallpaper white gray design round table

gray wall garland black white bed layout cushion shelf white wood floor mat round colorful

wall decoration child room posters parquet wood red walls

wall gray deco stickers bed bedroom child furniture wood metal chair floor mats light gray

light gray walls design idea wooden bench cushions shelves

gray room child cushions green shelves deco parquet wood

lighting suspension wood floor mats stripes ideas cushions deco

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