Child's room with sophisticated decor in 46 examples

children's room idee deco

When it comes to decorating the children's room , he's more easy to find original child rooms and perfectly coordinated in magazines than in real life.

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Ground toys and posters at walls are probably one of the contributing factors. But the idyllic decoration of the children's room is still very much appreciated.

Child's room of modern design

luxury child room

In this article, we will present you a collection of beautiful child rooms with sophisticated decoration and very original. Let's start with two extraordinary rooms where black and white rule. These designs are very interesting with their flexibility whose natural shades and prints are easy to adapt to the changing preferences of the growing child.

Child's room with modern wallpaper

modern child's room

The first bedroom benefits from a palette of charcoal black, light gray, candy pink and some natural wood accents. This is not a children's room extremely childish but it still has a charming and mysterious atmosphere that provokes the imagination. Some surprising details are there for the pleasure of the eyes and for the personalization of the decoration.

Child's room decoration in black and white

modern children's room design

Materials spidery Soft are central to the decor of this room and help create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Layered curtains allow the light to flood the room by counteracting the black accent walls to the right and left. The blackboards also play an important role in the decoration of the room by giving an expressive and artistic touch. The group of carefully arranged frames includes photos, typography and prints. The frames are beautiful and minimalist.

Child bedroom decorated with swing

children's room armchair balance

And what a beautiful armchair balance! It is attached to the ceiling, positioned in a perfect way to allow the child to enjoy the view from the window and to rest after a long day at school. And speaking of school, the small hanging desk helps to preserve free space and is the perfect place to focus on homework. The light garlands are very beautiful, while the bedside lamp can be adjusted to illuminate the bed.

Decorative Wall Room Idea

elegant design children's room

The next room was designed for a little boy. It is just as elegant and sophisticated as the one before, but the space offers a theme inspired by animals, more suitable for small children. What we notice right away are the two major elements - the geometric wallpaper on the left and the minimalist cat on the wall on the right. This is, without question, a fun and interesting space.

Child room with suspended desk

children's room deco

The lights that decorate the room are very beautiful and fun. Right "sleeping = boring" perfectly represents each child's feelings with large luminescent letters. The famous lights of Moooi are attached next to the bed. On the left, the row of lighted houses creates a joyful impression. Inside the houses, light comes from neon letters. This is a funny and personal touch and is easy to recreate at home. Read on to discover other images of modern children's bedrooms below:

Child desk decoration with light garland

suspended child room

Decoration of the second child room


The room is decorated with geometric wallpaper

children's room modern deco

original deco children's room

contemporary design children's room

interesting design children's room

elegant children's room

white gray children's room

children's room idea carpet

children's room wall accent

child's room black white

children's room wallpaper

ultra modern child's room

modern design child room

boy room idee deco

children's room idea

child room plane bed

modern boy teenager room

baby room modern wooden bed

child room design desk

minimalist deco children's room

wall deco children's room

original child's room

child room deco practice

child room decoration black white

children's room deco tipi

interesting design children's room

child room amenagement idee

children's room idee deco

child room wood furniture

Scandinavian style children's room

girl room deco bright colors

children's room baby

children's room girl

kids room deco neutral colors

children's room decor bed canopy

deco room child bed wood

original child's room decor

modern girl room deco

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