Children's room furniture natural, functional, modern

child room idea design office wood shelves

Kids deserve the best! When they grow up, they need a comfortable room to rest, play, relax, dream, learn ... If you want to create a modern and functional space while following the latest trends in contemporary design, we invite you to discover our selection of four ideas from children's room furniture design.

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Designer children's room furniture by Tabia Scandola Mobili

furniture bedroom child idea bed shelves desk white wood chair wood blue

Tabia Scandola Mobili nour offers a modern bedroom design for boy or girl with natural wood furniture. The shelves, the desk, the bed, the bedside table are at the base of certified wood and 100% natural. It comes from sources that are respectful of the environment. The company Scandola Mobili is based in Italy and has been manufacturing high quality "healthy" wood furniture for years. Their collection Tabia mix of both contemporary design and traditional design. The result is a harmonious and soft interior that predisposes to all types of diverse activities.

The blue wooden chair: a nice elegant accent

child room idea design office wood shelves

The wood is 100% of natural origin and respectful of the environment

furniture child bedroom idea office wood design

Bedside table with a drawer

furniture bedroom child furniture wooden design idea design bedside table

A wooden headboard for more warmth and comfort

arrangement room child idea wooden bed design

A discreet decoration


Scandola Mondili's second child's room design is part of their Nuovo Mondo 11 collection. A collection that reveals the elegance of wood and the functionality of contemporary design. The two-story bed has cabinets integrated on both sides. It is perfect for small spaces.

Designer children's room furniture, Nuovo Mondo 11 collection by Scandola Mondili

child bedroom furniture design

Surprise! In case your children have guests and they have to stay at home, here is a room with a super convenient bed deck. This furniture offers you many possibilities of storage.

Room with extra bed very convenient

furniture bedroom child bed bridge design bed boy girl

On the second floor of the bed, you have little ones shelves from which you can store different books and objects. The bed is secure and your child will not fall when sleeping.


arrange bedroom child bed wood design cushions bridge bed shelf

The staircase is actually composed of two drawers

arrangement bedroom child wood bed nuovo mondo design

Funny wallpaper


Comfortable workspace

arrange furniture bedroom child desk wooden armchair design

Original decoration: candlestick and a little teddy bear

furniture bedroom child practical idea deco shelves

The Italian company Minacciolo is behind the design of this solid wood bedroom in classic style. A design that has a charm that immediately attracts. This room is a real gem. Everything is done at the base of the wood colored in white which contrasts with blue elements. Several storage spaces are possible. The first example is the bedroom with a white carpet and the second with a blue carpet.

Classic style solid wood children's bedroom furniture set by Minacciolo

arrange furniture bedroom child modern child idea wood cushion floor rug ladder minacciolo

Surprise: a third bed!

furniture bedroom child idea design bed wood modular design wood door

The room furnished with a blue floor mat

child room modern idea furniture design furniture

The work desk

furniture bedroom child idea design floor mats blue chair wood modern closet

The solid wood bookcase

child room idea library modern mirror wood minacciolo

Wallpaper with the same patterns as the curtains

arrangement room child idea curtains pattern design wallpaper furniture wood modern chair

Here is a proposal for a revolutionary room! The Italian designers Carlos Marelli and Massimo Molteni nour propose this composable system which is simply ... great! You can build this space to live outside your home. He has everything necessary to live there. This invention is a new environmental experience. This unique system includes space for conversing, detaining, studying, dining, cooking, playing sports and a space to play and study for children. It's the top of the top in functional design.

Primopiano composable system of Marelli e Molteni

arrange child room system composable design bed armchair gray design

The top of the top in functional design

idea of ​​furnishing child's room furniture design system composable primopiano tumidei

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