Children's room: inspirations design by Ikea

children's room ikea furniture deco nordic

Have you ever found the perfect furniture for your child's room, but which costs a fortune? IKEA Help ! At IKEA we always find the right solution! Everyone knows this Swedish department store which regularly expands its range of affordable furniture and objects.

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In addition, children grow up quickly and their needs change. No more expenses! Discovering our gallery, you will see that with little effort we can transform the IKEA fade furniture into a design and functional piece. Discover our selection of 24 IKEA furniture and objects for the children's room . With a slight modification, this furniture will have the same aesthetic properties as a luxurious furniture.

Children's room: Ikea dresser decorated with white adhesive tape

children's room idea dresser wood decorate table wall decor

In fact, the most design projects are often inexpensive. It is the originality of the idea that has great value and not really the price. It's enough to have creative thinking, motivation and envy to achieve remarkable results. Discover this selection of Ikea furniture which, thanks to a slight transformation, has become real furniture design. The example below represents a convenient wooden decorated with tape: it looks like a furniture expensive, is not it?

Original idea for the children's room: step stool with personalized decoration

child room idea stool-step ladder room ikea

You can easily find these step stools at Ikea. At first glance, they are nothing special, but once painted, they turn into design objects.

Children's room: Ikea armchair Strandmon gray turned into a rocking chair

furniture bedroom child cheap armchair ikea swing pouf

The armchairs rocking machines are often expensive. Here's a solution for people on a budget: buy a standard chair and install rocking feet.

Gray two-story child's bed painted in gray

children's bed ikea two place floors cheap wall deco star

The bed is one of the children's room furniture that requires a considerable investment. At Ikea you can find single beds or beds superimposed at very interesting prices. Then, simply paint or decorate according to your preferences to have a bed with a personalized and original design.

Scandinavian nursery decor

children's room storage furniture ikea

Custom Ikea furniture for children's room

Scandinavian children's room furniture drawers

Ikea Inspired Kids Bedroom Design Ideas

children's room chest of drawers wood drawers yellow rose wallpaper wall deco pink floor mats

Scandinavian style nursery storage rack

children's room storage idee deco scandinavian

Nordic design nursery decor Idea

children's room ideas furniture wood deco ikea

Pencils all over the house? Here is the solution:

idea room child storage pencils

Baby gym? Yes, it exists !

arrangement room child original idea gym for baby ikea

Cooked for children

child furniture room furniture cheap ikea wood towel

Furniture with wheels perfect for your storage

child room furniture storage blue towel

child bedroom idea toy train ikea cheap

Wooden child train circuit

child toy wood idea cheap ikea train

Fun cushions

cushion motif room child idea cheap

Wall shelves for storing your children's books and comics

child room idea pouf shelves wood

Pencils all over the house? Here is another solution:

idea room child shelves wood wallpaper blue pouf

lamp ikea ball cheap drawing idea room child

hanging lamp ikea flowers deco idea room child idea

ikea bed two-story wood cushion pink sheets garland

child's room idea shelf white child's wardrobe storage

children's room idea cheap decoration storage shelves stool yellow

idea room child storage table with wooden caster ikea design

idea room child table chair wood deco painting diy tip

ikea idea cheap child room wooden table idea original lego

idea bedroom child cheap stool white coffee table child coffee table

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