Chinese porcelain garden stool: an interior design object

garden stool terrace furniture

You may have already seen this little garden stool barrel-shaped and porcelain, in an interior design, and you find them charming?

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It is true that they are, charming, but at the same time we do not always understand what it is, we have the right to sit there, is it a low table for tea? At the base, this garden stool adorned the Outside Chinese, but their use indoors becomes ever more trendy.

garden stool converted into a coffee table

garden stool coffee table

For example, this kind of stool has found its place, among the furniture of this office. This is due, in part, to the cool tones of green chosen, which give it a definitely modern and design look. In this office, it can serve as a coffee table as well as stool.

a modern look in the office

office furniture office stool

Arrange such a garden stool in a walk-in shower, and you get a booster seat to sit comfortably when you wash, which is ideal especially for the elderly or mobility impaired. Porcelain obviously does not fear moisture, and the design side of this accessory is undeniable.

ideal in a walk-in shower stall

garden stool shower furniture

In the bedroom, the Chinese porcelain garden stool is transformed into an elegant bedside table, on which to lay your book or a bedside lamp. If you position it in front of the door window, you will have a point of observation to look at the garden in winter.

an extra chair

garden stool coffee table bedroom

In the living room, these stools will also make charming coffee tables, complete this oriental-style furniture with some accessories of the same style, or silk fabrics with patterns of the rising sun. Depending on their color, these stools will fit easily into each room, bringing an exotic design accent.

or design coffee tables

integrated design furniture

Finally, do not forget that a garden stool can obviously find its place outside, to sit there or as a coffee table again. See our selection of photos.

do not fear moisture

pool furniture pool stool

for a zen decor

garden stool lounge

a diversion of function well thought out

garden stool living room

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