Choose a floral pattern for the spring

floral deco kitchen

It's spring finally and nature is starting to wake up. But have you thought about refreshing your interior decoration to welcome the new season? You can bring the spring atmosphere into your home by decorating with floral motifs .

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In this article we will share with you some interesting ideas for a modern interior decoration with floral motifs varied.

Decorative cushion with floral motifs

floral interior cushion

You may think that the floral pattern is a purely feminine motif but that's not true - it's a perfect motif for vintage, bohemian, romantic and modern interior design. Floral textiles are a great way to invite nice weather in your home - curtains, sheets, tablecloths and rugs with a floral pattern are not expensive but at the same time very elegant. Floral tapestry for your furniture is another good idea for the spring decor that you can even make yourself. Here are some pictures to inspire you:

Floral wallpaper

deco wallpaper floral motifs

Interior decoration with floral motifs

spring decor floral patterns

Bedroom curtains in pink shades

floral motifs modern curtains

Idea of ​​springtime decor for the bedroom

deco bedroom floral pattern

Elegant interior decoration

Elegant deco living room floral pattern

Multicolored wall decoration for spring

interior deco multicolored spring

Original wall decoration idea

modern floral wall deco

Bedroom decorated with floral wallpaper

deco spring bedroom

bedroom decoration loral patterns

kitchen decoration floral wallpaper

deco living room modern floral pattern

deco table spring floral pattern

deco sheets modern floral patterns

modern design armchair

idea deco spring kitchen

modern interior decoration idea

interior spring decoration idea

modern floral interior deco pattern

modern rug floral pattern

floral design wallpaper

floral pattern wallpaper bedroom

wallpaper floral patterns stairway

curtains modern floral pattern

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