Choosing the perfect platform bed for you: ideas and tips

contemporary room adult design estrade bed

It is estimated that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, so it is very important to choose the perfect bed for each of us. The options are limitless when it comes to choosing a bed platform . The model you prefer, must be durable, strong and comfortable. The platform beds are advantageous because they exist in a large number of sizes which allows you to choose your bed according to your bedroom. Since they do not require a bed base, platform beds are more economical and more practical.

Podium bed in contemporary bedroom

bed modern platform idea decoration

The first thing you need to do if you want to have the bed platform perfect home is to start with the choice of style. Some platform beds are minimalist and with clean lines. Other models have a high headboard and richly decorated. Some beds are made from wood, while others are upholstered. Before choosing your bed, set the style you want and that will be appropriate for your bedroom decor. The beds decorated with details are more romantic and feminine. The sleek design bed frames are more masculine. Color is also an important element. It does not matter if you choose a bed that follows well with the wooden furniture in your room or if you want to coordinate the colors of the bed with the colors of your decor, the choice of color is an important decision.

Bed in zen deco bedroom

bed deco deco zen parental room

The size of your bed is a crucial element. Measure your room before choosing a bed of a certain size. And even if your bedroom is spacious enough, you need to think about how you will arrange your furniture. Except for the bed, do not forget to plan the location of the wardrobe and bedside tables. Also make sure you have enough room to walk around the bed. A large bed is often comfortable enough for two people, but if you are taller than average, you may need to think about a custom bed.

Original bedroom deco with platform bed

bed room decoration interior room

Think about moving your bed too. If you happen to move often, look for a model that is easy to assemble and disassemble. Because you will certainly want to take your bed with you, in the new home, without much difficulty. Make sure it will not be too difficult for you to take the frame out of your bed. Look closely at the description and measurements of the model you choose.

Bedroom deco idea with wooden bed

modern style room bed

The mattress is also a decision not to be taken lightly. Bed frames are not usually sold with a mattress, so you will have to choose it separately. The platform beds do not need a box spring, so do not buy a mattress with box spring. Memory foam mattresses, in particular, are perfect for platform beds, so feel free to opt for such a solution.

Bedroom design idea

wooden design stadion bed

Do not forget the bedding! This is an important part of the decoration of your bedroom and your bed. Try to choose the bedding that follows with the frame of your bed and your already existing decor. After choosing basic bedding such as sheets and duvet, you can accent your bed with a beautiful blanket and some decorative cushions. Here are some bedroom decoration ideas with a platform bed modern:

Modern room decoration idea with platform bed

bed estade modern bedroom

Adult bedroom interior with bed on platform

bed platform design ideas

Bedroom Interior Decorating Idea for Adult with Podium Bed

design solid wood platform bed

Decorating room with Zen atmosphere and bed on stage

bed zen room

Beautiful modern style bedroom with bed on dais

wooden stage bed room

Bedroom with designer podium bed

illuminated design platform bed

Minimalist bedroom decor

minimalist design platform bed

Original wooden design bed

bed room adult

Room decoration with modern bed

deco bedroom adult wood

Lacquered bed of original design

deco modern room bed

deco industrial style room

deco adult bed platform

deco modern platform bed

luxury bedroom decoration

idea bedroom deco

modern bedroom deco idea

adult bedroom decoration idea

bed modern design bedroom

round platform design bed

bed estadade bedroom

bed estade bedroom design

design wooden platform bed

step wooden steps bed

solid wood platform bed

bed stage room neutral colors

white design platform bed

bed stage interesting design

modern design platform bed

original design platform bed

original design wooden platform bed

ikea design platform bed

luxury modern platform bed

minimalist style platform bed

bed stage drawers storage

ultra modern platform bed

bed under wooden platform

bed under platform bedroom

bed under a wooden room

bed under a deco room

underbed design

underbed bed industrial design

bed under luminous design platform

headboard under head design

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