Christmas decorative idea: the charm of the vintage Christmas decor

Christmas tree Christmas decorative idea

One of the things that makes Christmas a truly special time of the year is tradition. A lot of Christmas decorations Today, older buildings are being replaced by modern alternatives made from lighter materials such as plastic or electricity.

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And yet, vintage decorations still offer an elegance that can not be found today. Opting for a vintage Christmas decoration means creating a traditional decor very different from the one we are used to seeing and also very charming and romantic. So, if you need to ' christmas decoration idea , the vintage decor is a very good option. This article will certainly help you find your inspiration.

Vintage style christmas deco idea

vintage christmas decoration idea

Christmas decorations have been part of the winter season for centuries. Red and green paper garlands and Christmas trees - there are so many ways to celebrate this beautiful holiday. But the decor of Christmas with small vintage touches will help you create a warm and truly magical interior. Such scenery is fortunately very easy to create and requires very little effort for a stunning result.

Vintage interior decoration for christmas

deco idea Christmas vintage interiur

The gift is a very important symbol of Christmas. If you have small or larger empty boxes at home, then you can use them to create a vintage decor. Wrap them with vintage paper, decorate them with ribbons and put them everywhere in your home. Choose boxes of different shapes for an even more original effect. And even if it's not real gifts to have them, for example, around the tree or on a chair near the fireplace creates a warm and festive atmosphere.

Christmas decoration

deco idea vintage christmas design

In case you, or someone in your family, has a collection of vintage Christmas figurines, then you can use it to decorate your home. Arrange them next to each other on the mantel or window of the living room and they will immediately turn into central pieces of your festive decor. And if you do not have such action figures at home, go for a walk at the flea market and you'll find real treasures.

Deco idea - vintage style Christmas tree

christmas tree decorative idea christmas tree

As for the decor of the fireplace, we all know that decorative socks are a very traditional option. Decorate the mantel with several socks depending on its size, red garlands and pine cones. The decor with pine cones is at the same time vintage, rustic and very modern. They are easy to find and you can even paint them in various colors.

Christmas decoration of the fireplace with socks

christmas decoration idea vintage style

Little Soldiers and Nutcrackers have been symbols of Christmas decoration for generations. And even though one can find a great variety of modern versions, the traditional models always remember the time spent. You can put them on a shelf, next to the fireplace or on the coffee table next to the sofa. They are also perfect for decorating the Christmas table.

Little soldiers for Christmas decor

christmas decoration interesting soldiers

If you have old light garlands that do not work anymore, but you are not ready to part with them, then you can use them for your vintage deco. Remove bulbs that do not work, put them in the color of your choice and then decorate them with glitter. Remember to put them in a clear glass vase and put them on the table or on the fireplace. Here are some more vintage deco ideas in pictures:

Warm and romantic Christmas decoration

christmas decoration idea

Cake decoration for Christmas

Christmas decorating idea

Vintage interior decoration for Christmas

deco Noel vintage entree

vintage deco christmas tree

deco Noel vintage soldier idea

deco Noel vintage idea

deco Christmas original idea

deco christmas vintage ornaments

deco Christmas pine cones

Elegant vintage Christmas deco

decoration Noel interior idea

deco christmas vintage living room

deco vintage simple christmas

decoration Christmas tree idea

Christmas tree vintage decoration

Christmas decoration garland buttons

decoration christmas vintage fireplace

Christmas tree vintage decorations

vintage vintage idea decoration

vintage deco christmas idea

christmas decorating idea fireplace

retro christmas decoration idea

deco idea traditional christmas

vintage christmas decoration idea

christmas tree decorative idea

deco idea Christmas vintage tree chimney

christmas decoration idea vintage socks

vintage christmas tree deco

deco idea vintage christmas fireplace

original vintage christmas deco idea

deco idea vintage christmas ornaments

Christmas vintage photo deco idea

deco idea christmas vintage living room

deco idea christmas vintage table

Christmas decoration idea

Christmas vintage deco idea

vintage christmas tree idea

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