Christmas table decoration: 50 elegant ideas for the 2015

Decoration-Christmas-festive table

At Christmas we never forget to decorate your garden and our veranda, the fir tree and the mantel, but we often underestimate the Christmas table decoration . Decorating the Christmas table is a great way to create a festive atmosphere and to please your family and guests.
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A beautiful and inviting table decoration is the opening of the meal. No wonder we are always looking to create a truly extraordinary setting. It is also a rich and complicated menu. Very often, the lack of space on the table is a frequent problem at this time of the year. So here's an article with a lot of interesting ideas and helpful tips how to create the Christmas table decoration perfect in 2015!

Original Christmas table decoration

christmas table decoration original idea

To succeed table decoration Christmas you must, of course, begin preparations well before December 25th. Start by making a list of all the plates and table accessories you want to use at Christmas. The evening before, take out these plates and mark with post-it exactly what you want to serve in each of them. It's a strategy that will help you be more organized and less stressed during the meal. Make sure you have enough space on the table for the decor and for the meal at the same time.

Modern Christmas table decoration idea

christmas table decoration modern idea

As for the Christmas menu, look for recipes that can be prepared one or two days in advance. Remember to whiten carrots and other vegetables, boil potatoes and prepare all the sauces for the meal. It is even possible to cook some dishes and freeze them to spend more time at the table with your guests.
Christmas table with interesting decoration

Christmas table decoration

Creating a beautiful Christmas table means welcoming your guests in style and offering a warm atmosphere with a personal touch. And speaking of personal touch, you can very well make cookies, decorate them with the names of your guests and use them as table cards. It is also possible to wrap them with transparent cellophane and transform them into very original personal gifts for your guests.
Christmas table decorated in gold

elegant christmas table decoration

Also choose a deco theme for your table. Start by choosing the colors that follow with the decor of your living room or dining room. Use a simple tablecloth with decorative table runners to create an interesting centerpiece. If you want to create a vintage style decor, then opt for dramatic candelabras, lace tablecloths and antique napkin rings. For a cottage-inspired decor, you can use pine cones as table cards, a rustic tablecloth and a DIY wooden table center made by yourself or with the help of your children.
Decorative plate idea for the Christmas table

decoration table christmas plate

The centerpiece will be the focal point of the decor, but that does not mean that it must take all the space. Opt for a candelabrum or vase with a narrow base that will allow you to see through the table and leave you plenty of room to serve food. Need more ideas how to decorate the Christmas table this year? So look at the beautiful selection of images below to inspire you:
Christmas table decoration design

modern christmas table decoration

Christmas table of elegant decoration

interesting christmas table decoration

Vintage style christmas table decoration

vintage christmas table decoration

Stylish Decor Idea for the Christmas Table

interesting Christmas table decoration

Bright Christmas table decor

white christmas table decoration

Christmas table decoration red fruits

silver table decoration

center tabele Noel original idea

center table balls Christmas

center table Christmas candles

center Christmas table crown

deco center Christmas table

Christmas table decoration candles

decoration table Christmas idea deco

Christmas table decoration interesting idea

christmas table decoration simple idea

red christmas table decoration

rustic christmas table decoration

simple christmas table decoration

rustic christmas table decoration

Christmas green white table decoration

deco table Noel dore

deco table Noel elegante

deco table Noel elegant candles

deco table Christmas flowers

deco table red golden Christmas

original deco idea Christmas table

Christmas deco idea

Christmas deco ideas

Christmas table simple center

interesting Christmas table deco

Christmas table decoration idea

Christmas table original decoration

Christmas table idea deco

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