Christmas tree: 25 original and design alternatives

Christmas tree original balloons artificial alternative idea room child decorative original

Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. Warm and friendly, this celebration so beloved can not happen without its flagship symbol and the king of the party: the tree.

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From the beginning of December, a question begins to haunt us: what Christmas tree to choose ? Is buying a natural fir tree a good decision? Is it ecological and respectful of the environment? An artificial Christmas tree lacks charm. Moreover, it is not quite the most ecological solution that exists. Despite its durability assuming its use for a few years, the impacts related to its manufacture are not to be neglected. The materials used are PVC, plastic and aluminum, the production of which generates significant harmful waste. All the same, if you already have an artificial Christmas tree, try to keep it as long as possible. What are the other alternatives? Here they are ! Discover our selection - favorite Christmas trees made of different objects: books, Christmas balls, cardboard, wood, balloons, light bulbs, shelves ... Finally, there are many ideas. You can really use everything to make your alternative, ecological and personalized Christmas tree. Just recreate the shape of the tree and decorate it.

Christmas tree to create with wood or cardboard

christmas tree idea decor wall wood gifts sock

The Christmas tree has a real charm and an attractive natural freshness. It is sometimes difficult to deprive oneself of a real Christmas tree, but we must not forget the ecological impact of our choice. The best solution is to cultivate a home. The problem is that if you do not have a garden, terrace or balcony to put it out (the tree likes the cold climate), it will not live very long. For this reason, there are many ideas how to recreate the shape of the Christmas tree by using different objects. Discover them and let your imagination speak:

Christmas tree made of wood

christmas tree wood idea original deco balls

Cardboard Christmas trees, idea Giles Miller

fir cardboard original cheap idea ecolo noel deco

Fir tree made of bulbs

christmas tree bulbs idea interior design original christmas design

Tree-lighting LED

christmas tree led idea garden deco christmas

Two ideas of fir original

christmas trees artificial idea design garland light balls

Christmas tree and Christmas tree

christmas christmas tree christmas tree christmas tree christmas tree christmas gift ideas

Minimalist fir tree, idea West Elm

christmas tree minimalist deco wall christmas idea garland paint deco christmas minimalist design

bright christmas tree idea garden outdoor fir led light garland

christmas tree original lighting led fir outdoor idea garden deco christmas

idea christmas tree alternative original design paper cardboard simple deco christmas

christmas tree christmas tree idea christmas tree

christmas tree original cardboard idea decoration wall balls design christmas gifts idea

christmas tree sticker wall idea deco christmas gifts

christmas tree christmas tree idea original christmas tree

christmas tree idea original deco christmas wall garland christmas star

christmas tree original idea hanging wood design white chair christmas balls decoration idea

deco christmas original idea christmas tree false garland ball decoration objects christmas

Christmas tree books Idea deco books

fir tree idea original alternative christmas balls star deco hanging original idea

christmas tree idea wood original decoration wall christmas christmas ball

christmas tree idea elegant golden original christmas decoration

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