Christmas tree decoration in colors: which one to choose?

christmas tree deco ideas colors

Have you ever spotted a color for decorating your Christmas trees this year ? If your answer is "no", make your choice using this article! Who does not like the end of year period and all the possibilities it offers us to embellish our homes with original and elegant ornaments?

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Even if you have already thought about how you will introduce the spirit of winter at home with crowns of door, garlands of fireplace and centerpieces for festive days, you still have a very important part of the decoration to consider: the Christmas tree.

Christmas tree decoration idea in white

decorations and toys white christmas tree

When is the best time to install a Christmas tree? This is a question we ask ourselves quite often, especially if we like the holidays and if we have children who love this period. During these last years, one has the impression that the luminous decorations in the streets and those in the stores begin to appear more and more in early. So, we are tempted to put his tree well before December 24, first day of Christmas. But at the same time, we also want the tree to last until at least December 31 so that we can enjoy it for the New Year celebration.

Christmas tree decoration in red and gold with elegant ornaments

red christmas tree decoration

In the past, we put all his Christmas decorations, including those of the fir, during the afternoon of December 24th. They were meant to celebrate the birth of Christ and were part of the rites surrounding the date of this important event for Christians. Some families continue to pursue this tradition, either by attachment or for reasons of time. The usual ornaments of the tree were fruits - especially the apple - and objects that one had made oneself. From this comes the idea of ​​parrying its tree in red and yellow or gold: the first color is associated with the apple and the other two with dried fruit, wooden toys and candles used. This association of colors is timeless. It remains current today.

Christmas tree decoration in white and blue by Centsational Girl

deco christmas tree colors blue

But as we said, nowadays, we like to anticipate December 24 and extend the presence of the Christmas tree for various reasons. And indeed, in the Christian tradition, there is a similar idea. This is the Advent period, ie the weeks during which we prepare for the feast and which can last between 6 and 4 weeks depending on the Church (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant ). So this is an option for the most impatient: to associate the weeks of Advent with the Christmas decoration. Moreover, this period also corresponds to a good part of the winter season. So, why not bet on ornaments in white, blue, silver or purple for its tree? These colors are ideal for reproducing the magical atmosphere of winter inside our homes!

Ornaments idea for white Christmas trees

white christmas tree decoration

In francophone countries, another custom is to decorate one's house in the days following St. Nicholas. If you choose this option, you will most likely be able to keep your tree until the 6th of January, until the Epiphany Feast, which commemorates the arrival of the Magi with Christ in Bethlehem. In this case, do not forget to add to your tree decorations in the form of gifts: they will symbolize St. Nicholas and Santa Claus, but also the gifts offered by the Magi. And as you think about the best date to install your tree, choose the colors for its ornaments today:

Ornaments for Christmas trees in red and gold

red and gold Christmas tree decor

Christmas tree original in blue

original deco christmas tree blue

Christmas tree design in red

Christmas trees red deco design

Christmas tree in white and lilac

purple christmas tree color

Christmas tree picture in white, gold and blue

blue gold christmas tree pictures

Small Christmas tree in white and red

idea deco little christmas tree red

Mini Christmas tree and decoration in white and red

white and red christmas tree decoration

Christmas tree ornaments in white and red

white christmas tree toys

Christmas tree ornament idea in red

traditional christmas tree ornaments

Gold decoration for mini Christmas tree

Christmas tree decoration

Christmas tree toy in white

white christmas tree deco toys

Toy for Christmas trees in white and gold

christmas tree toys design

Christmas tree decoration idea in purple

ideas ornaments purple Christmas trees

Christmas tree decoration in green and white

ideas of deco christmas trees white

Christmas tree decoration in red and gold

Christmas trees decoration gold

traditional christmas tree idea

christmas trees bright decoration

Elegant Christmas tree pictures

white christmas tree decoration

white Christmas tree deco

christmas tree design

christmas tree decoration

blue christmas tree decoration

Christmas tree decorations ornaments

deco christmas tree white design photos

white ornaments Christmas trees

deco christmas fir trees colors

natural christmas decoration ideas

white christmas decoration

deco party christmas tree original

christmas decoration colors

christmas deco colors

yellow christmas tree decoration

white deco christmas trees

Christmas tree toys

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