Climbing plant shade for pergola of garden

climbing plant shade garden modern pergola

Summer is coming and we are starting to think of the best ways to protect ourselves from the sun. This is an opportunity for us to give you shade climbing plant ideas for decorating your pergola or garden shade.

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Grow one or more plants on its pergola is a good way to enjoy a shady natural during the summer months.

Shade climbing plant: ideas for a beautiful and natural terrace

climbing plant patio shade idee deco pergola

The greenery has the ability to make any outside space cooler and more peaceful. In addition, certain types of climbing plants with flowers have the ability to make evenings even more enjoyable thanks to their mesmerizing aromas. In fact, the scents of their flowers are particularly intense in summer when the flowers are exposed to heat and their essential oils become more perceptible for the sense of smell.

Shade climbing plant: how to recognize them?

climbing plant shade modern terraces deco pergola

As its name suggests, the group of climbing plants embraces a set of plant species that are able to mount on a wall or other support, such as a wooden pergola beam or a pillar of an arbor. garden and gazebo. These plants are suitable for outdoor wall decoration of a house facade, a terrace or a balcony.

Idea of ​​terrace with pergola and shadow creeper

climbing plant shadow shade exterior landscaping

Decoration of pergola with shadow climbing plant: some simple tips to respect

green plant pergola photo decoration

To decorate your pergola with one or more climbing plants, there are some rules to respect. They will help you grow the species of your choice more easily and quickly. Thus, gardening professionals explain that we must try to plant 20 or 30 cm away from the pillars of the pergola.

Pergola with climbing plant shade easy to cultivate

choose a vine pergola shade

In addition, they urge us to use a suitable soil type for the chosen species. To do this, read the leaflet accompanying the plant or consult a specialist store.

Tips for a pergola decoration with successful shadow climbers

idea pergola decoration outdoor flowers

Hanging plants and terrace decoration with pergola

climbing plant shade pergola modern style

As a rule, climbing plants do not like excess water, so watering is restricted unless otherwise specified for a particular species. To help plants attach more easily to the pergola, use wire or other suitable material to attach along the pillars.

Shade climbing plants for pergola and garden shade: which species to choose?

choose pergola plants shade ideas

Plants for arbor and pergola flowery and shaded

plant wisteria pergola landscaping terrace

Among the climbing plants, there are those that are more suitable for the decoration of a pergola. These include climbing rose and honeysuckle for pergola columns and dense foliage or clustered species for pergola roofs. We can still select plants with fruits or flowers.

Climbing plants with fruits: a greedy and pretty decoration

climbing plant shade pergola landscaping

Fruit climbing plants are a good choice for those who like to grow fruits and vegetables in their gardens. To these owners of outdoor spaces, they offer the advantage of having fresh products directly from their terrace. In this category of plants are grapes, kiwi, squash, strawberry and raspberry.

Plants for pergola and fruit trees: what are the options?

pergola plant shade landscaping terrace swimming pool

Wooden pergola and outdoor green plants

climbing plant shade for outdoor pergola garden

Grapes are one of the most common choices for the natural decoration of pergolas in the Mediterranean regions and, more generally, in many southern European countries. It has the capacity to give your terrace a Mediterranean air and a relaxing atmosphere associated with holidays in these regions. The squash, on the other hand, adapts easily to cooler climates and will bring to your exterior a rustic and authentic .

Small terrace with pergola decorated with shadow climbing plant

shade pergola wood terrace deco

The kiwifruit is a liana plant very popular not only for these fruits but also for its white, green or pink flowers. Originally from China, kiwis are also grown in France today and can be used to decorate the pergola. They will beautify your terrace with a touch of oriental style.

Outdoor landscaping with climbing plant shade of red color

plant shade pergola decoration nature

Modern floral decoration idea for small pergola

plant terrace pergola shade

We love flowering climbing plants for the colors they bring to our gardens. Bignone, also known as Jasmine Virginia, is a plant with pretty trumpet flowers. These come in several shades of warm colors. The bigogne is native to the Southeast of the United States and, for this reason, she loves the sun and the heat.

Gazebo and pergola with shadow climbing plant: natural and scented decoration

climbing plant shadow shade pergola

Beautiful floral decoration idea with climbing vine shade for terrace with wooden garden shade

deco pool terrace pergola climbing shade plants

It is drought resistant and flowers from July to September. It's a good choice for sun-terrace owners and for those who wish to have a flower-filled pergola for a good summer time.

Shade climbing plant for an outdoor full of summer magic

pergola shading deco outdoor green plants

Clematis is a plant with beautiful fragrant flowers and evergreen. It grows best if it is oriented South, East or West and can reach between two and five meters in height. It is one of the most commonly used plants for decorating pergolas, walls and trellises.

Choose plants for its pergola: exotic option with interesting flowers

climbing-plant shade passiflora pergola of garden

Passionflower is another flowering plant that will be appreciated by those whose terrace gives full South. Brought to Europe by the Spaniards during the exploration of the Americas, it is characterized by its remarkable flowers which are among the most cultivated in France.

Decorate your patio pergola with jasmine for a sophisticated ambiance

climbing plants ideas deco pergola

If you like the flowering plants and the scents of the East, bet on jasmine. This one will enchant you with its beautiful white, pink or yellow flowers and will bring you a pleasant shade thanks to its persistent foliage.

The rosebush, a choice for classic garden arbor

plants pergola deco outdoor terraces

If you have a small garden with pergola, opt for the nasturtium. It is an annual plant with warm-colored flowers that likes sandy soils and grows quickly without taking up much space.

Pretty floral and refreshing decoration for pergola in summer

ideas landscaping pergola pergola terrace

For scented pergola deco plants, think of rose bush, wisteria and sweet pea. The climbing rose can have flowers of all colors, from white to purple. Renowned as a plant a little pretentious, the rose likes the gardens in mid-shade and rich land.

Outdoor plant for pergola shade and gazebo: glycine

pergola climbing plant shadow species

For a garden with sun terrace and exposed to heat, choose a pergola decoration with wisteria. This plant has flowers in clusters of mauve or white color. It is to be cultivated in a rich but rather dry soil.

How to decorate your pergola naturally and introduce more colors into your exterior

climbing plant shade landscaping outdoor pergola

Floral clusters of wisteria and contemporary garden pergola deco

plants pergola garden deco idea

Wisteria are known as species with particularly fast development: under optimal conditions, they can reach a height of one meter in one year only. This is an option for those who want fast results and awesome pergola cladding.

Decorate your pergola and choose a floral decoration for shade of pergola

ideas pergola outside plants shade

To choose and maintain your pergola plant, you should also know some practical information. They concern the advantages and disadvantages of different species and their maintenance. Deciduous plants are often chosen so that the pergola is well covered during the hot, sunny winter season.

Climber shade pergola: some practical information before making your choice

plant shade decoration pergola terrace

If you like flowering plants, you've probably already decided to use one for your terrace. But before you do, remember that flowers also attract bees and wasps. In times of growth of these plants, the presence of these insects can pose problems for the members of your family. This is something to consider before making your final choice.

Contemporary outdoor photo with beautiful gazebo decorated with climbing green plants

decoration tonelle garden plants outside

Make your terrace cooler with a climbing pergola

idea pergola modern plant terrace decoration

The greedy plants seem a very good choice for the decoration of pergola because one can also enjoy fruits of one's own garden. If you plan to use this kind of plant, also think about the fact that some of these plants have messy fruits. A terrace with pergola ornamented with this kind of plants will require a little more maintenance effort during the period when these fruits ripen.

Flowers and climbing plants for a flavored and romantic atmosphere

tarpaulin pergola plants

Another useful detail to know is the resistance of different plant species. Among the plants listed above, honeysuckle, clematis, wisteria, hydrangea and rose have the reputation of resistant species and therefore easier to cultivate by apprentice gardeners.

Idea of ​​pergola decor with hanging flower baskets

pergola flowers shade climbing plant

Climbing shade for pergola: how to associate it with other plant species

idea climbing plant terrace pergola shade

Decorating your pergola with a green plant without flowers or fruits does not mean to deprive yourself of beautiful colors. If we opt for this solution, we have many opportunities to vary the look of its exterior. A good idea is to have decorative flower baskets on the pillars of the pergola; in this case remember to measure the height of the hanging baskets to prevent the free movement on your terrace.

The scent of flowering plants is particularly strong in the evening

climbing plant shadow gazebo deco design pergola

The complementary decoration of a pergola decorated with green plants can also be done by means of flowers which prefer the spaces in half shade and outside shaded, like the camellias for example.

Complete the decoration of its pergola adorned with a climbing shade: idea of ​​outdoor lighting

outdoor decoration ideas plants pergola

Small terrace with wooden pergola and deco with green plant

climbing plant shade pergolas deco small terrace

Shrubs are another way to give the decor of your pergola some final touches. Arranged around the pillars, they will protect your terrace from prying eyes and they will hide the roots of the climbing plant of your choice.

Photo of outdoor garden with rosebush

climbing garden decor pink pergola

Picture of garden arbor with climbing plant and zen atmosphere

pergola tonelle plant garden zen design

The pergola decoration with green plants is pretty and easy to maintain. Given the wide variety of plant species that are adapted to the climate of French regions, everyone can find a nice option to create more natural shade in their outdoor garden.

Photo of small white pergola with roof covered with flowering wisteria

climbing plant shade shade garden pergola

Outdoor plant idea for garden pergola layout: the wistaria blue or white

idea of ​​decoration terrace plant pergola shadow

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