Coffee table with casters for elegant living room deco

coffee table with wheels idees

Do you have a beautiful living room coffee table that sets the tone of the decor in the room? If your answer is "no", it may be time to replace your banal coffee table with a unique and versatile piece.

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The coffee table with casters really has many advantages and is certainly much more interesting than the traditional coffee table that lacks personality. So, if you want to modernize your living room decor, start by changing the coffee table.

Coffee table with casters in a modern living room

coffee table with casters design

Table living room modern has a remarkable presence in the room and goes very well with the style of decoration and the theme of space. With the great popularity of industrial style, installing casters to all furniture has become the preferred DIY project of decorators and homeowners. The furniture, the kitchen island, the shelves - everything has become mobile today. It is therefore time, for you too, to adopt this trend by opting for a modern coffee table with wheels.

Coffee table with casters in a contemporary design lounge

modern coffee table with casters

How about combining two deco styles at once and choosing a new coffee table with casters made from recycled wood? You can, in fact, transform almost everything into a coffee table like, for example, a tree trunk by putting wheels on it. Use your imagination, go for a walk in the vintage store and find an extraordinary piece to decorate your living room.

DIY roulette coffee table in wooden pallets

coffee table with wheels wooden pallets

A table with wheels in wooden pallets is also a great idea. Making a pallet table is easy and requires very little effort. And even if you do not have pallets at home, you can use plywood sheets to make an original piece that can be used both indoors and outdoors. And if you tie wheels to the table, you can easily move it to where you need it most. Here are some ideas in pictures:

Vintage design coffee table

coffee table with casters wood

Living room deco with modern coffee table

recycled wood coffee table with casters

Modern bedroom deco with coffee table on casters

coffee table with casters bedroom

Attractive design coffee table

original design coffee table with casters

Modern living room with coffee table on wheels

coffee table with casters wooden pallets design

Modern living room with industrial design coffee table

industrial style coffee table with casters

coffee table with wheels suitcase

wooden roulette coffee table

design wood roulette coffee table

coffee table roulette design salon

elegant roulette coffee table

coffee table roulette idee

design caster coffee table

coffee table roulette idee deco

industrial lounge castors coffee table

glass roulette coffee table

coffee table living room design

coffee table living room idea

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