Color child and teen room: 25 inspiring examples

idea deco child bedroom furniture

How to choose a color child room? Find inspiration with these 25 examples of real homes and dare to play with nuances! For children, the room is not only a rest area: it is often also a playroom, a room where you have fun, where you grow, discover and learn.

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In short, it is a world apart in which children want to feel safe to give free rein to their imagination. In such a space, colors play a particularly important role because the different hues and shades influence the creative spirit of toddlers and teens as well as their energy levels. If you are developing or renovating your little one's room, you can take inspiration from this article which contains images made in real interiors. Discover a whole series of ideas for using colors!

Idea of ​​layout and color child boy room

picture room kids ideas colors

Let's start with an example of decoration with shades of blue that is designed to relfce the view that is seen through the window. In this combination, the colors bring a peaceful feeling, complemented by the clear hues of the wood that evoke the appearance of the beaches at the edge of the sea. Another interesting element in this picture: a beautiful DIY idea of ​​industrial-style hanging fixtures that are highlighted by a white wall storage.

How to play with a child's room color: pink and lime green

decoration color bedroom child girl

This girl's room shows how to use bright colors such as pink and lime green to create a fresh and modern decor. With daring patterns, influenced by pop art, this space becomes even more dynamic, fun and inspiring.

Color child room: how to wean furniture to harmonize colors

color harmony child room

The large white furniture in front of the bed and the marble floor are a clever way to harmonize bright colors and bold patterns. The ceiling lamp, of a very original design, fulfills the same function.

Color child room: the role of furniture in the association of colors

associate the child bedroom color

Occupying the entire wall, this large piece of furniture provides enough storage space to meet all the needs of a teenager. At the same time, part of its surface reflects patterns and colors throughout the room. The lacquered elements of its facade make the room even brighter.

Color child room: ideas for girl and boy

children's room ideas

Here are now two adorable little rooms! Here, the colors create a decor that is similar to the images of a TV series or a comic strip. In both spaces, we also discover very nice office models in blue and pink, with mini reproductions of designer chairs.

Color child and teen room: dare dark shades

bedroom ideas child boy

In this teen room, it's the carpet that plays the role of a contrast element with the dark color palette that dominates the floor and walls. The cute wall sticker that seems straight out of a cartoon reminds the teenager who occupies the room that the bed is primarily intended for rest (not cats on his mobile!).

How to Register a TV Screen in a Teen Room Decor

decoration boy furniture child room

Sometimes it seems that TV screens can damage the aesthetics of an interior space. But in this room, this is not the case. On the contrary, here technology is fully integrated into the design of space.

Child and Teen Room Color Palette Idea

color child room furniture boy

It is often thought that dark shades are not suitable for decorating a small space. This image shows us that this is not always true, provided you choose a bright shade (such as red) that can bring balance in the color palette of the room.

Color teen room: shades and new technologies

colors kids room furniture

As mentioned before - integrating screens into the overall decor of a room could be a real challenge even for experienced designers. Fortunately, teenagers love futuristic and ultra modern interiors, which is very handy for decorating a work area!

Children's room decoration in yellow and navy blue

children room arrangement

In this example of decoration by the Russian group Solo Design Studio , the combination of yellow and navy blue brings a fresh and joyful atmosphere. This piece is an excellent illustration of ways to introduce colors through furniture and accessories.

Color child room for girl or boy

color child room ideas decoration

Yellow and blue can work together in a boy's or girl's room. For toddlers, these nuances are stimulating and invite to games. But they also have a sophisticated appearance, ideal for the decoration of a space reserved for a teenager.

Children's room colors and white furniture

child room color photos

A white bookcase serves as a storage cabinet for all the usual books needed for the preparation of homework. The lacquered white surface hides a space-saving bed and balances the bright colors of the furniture.

Color child room: the role of the luminaries

color bedroom child bed

This image shows us the essential role of lighting for decorations with multiple colors. During the night, the white surfaces of the furniture reflect the light of the suspensions and bedside lamps to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Nursery decoration: a little world apart

child furniture color girl room

As we have seen, the nursery is a world apart and its furniture must be accommodated to the needs of its occupants. Adults love to spend evenings with friends, so why not the little ones? This cute sofa saves more space and serves as a bed for extended visits from friends.

Teenager Room Decoration: A Rock Star Decor

deco teen modern room

This photo reveals a decor worthy of rock star. The teenager who occupies this space benefits from a very design atmosphere, realized with luxury materials and designer furniture: chairs by Eero Aarnio and Antoni Citterio. That's what gives this interior its classic yet modern look.

Color child room: white, pink and yellow

furniture girl child room

The yellow and the pink walk perfectly well in this friendly space that is similar to a games room. Everything is accompanied by lots of pictures and toys from all the animated series characters that kids love! Have fun with two, it's certainly much better!

Idea of ​​colors for a children's room with loft bed

children's room decoration ideas colors

Speaking of decorations for two children, we must not forget the beds in mezzanine. Take inspiration from this two-tiered image to combine the colors in your kids room. Also remember to choose a suitable staircase, with or without storage, which will protect the little ones from falls.

Bright bedroom for children

child room color example

This bright bedroom is ideal for children who like to have fun and learn. White brings a peaceful touch while notes of orange, blue and yellow give the space a fun and dynamic look.

colors painting rooms girl child

Who would not like to occupy a girl's room in white and lilac lavender like the one on the picture above? The stickers with birds decorating the walls are a nice touch of natural deco which will be appreciated by children of all ages.

color bedroom furniture child

Do you like Zen style and want to adapt it to your child's room? In this case, bet on the pale shades. They contribute to a relaxing decor and promote creative activities. Natural materials such as wood and living plants are also essential for this type of interior.

color bedroom child amenagement small dressing room

If you have enough room, you can arrange a small dressing room for your daughter or son so that their clothes are always in order (and far from dragging on the floor in their room). On the picture above, a white girl's mini dressing room that integrated lighting turns into a dream space.

zen deco interior child

This room is characterized by a zen atmosphere that will suit teenagers and students. It also offers several ideas of clever storage integrated in furniture. Note also the tapestry with floral pattern, very trendy right now.

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