Color child room and decorating ideas

color bedroom child purple wardrobe floor mats

The decoration and painting of a child's room is not an easy task. If you are planning in a new apartment or your child is growing up and you need to refresh the interior of your room, our selection of 51 examples of color child room and decorating ideas will be a real inspiration!

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Color blue child room

color child room blue idea furniture wood blue

If it acts of a room baby or child between 0 and 3 years that can not decide anything yet, the choice of color and decoration is then yours. We advise you to opt for light colors, but joyful: they have a relaxing effect and are universal. Examples: light blue, vanilla white, light green, light colors and pastel. Remember to decorate the ceiling This is the first thing your little one sees when he opens his eyes.

Child's room color: purple and white

color child room purple white idea round floor rug

From the age of 4, the child's tastes assert themselves. He can express his choices. You can then ask for the opinion of your little one, by showing him a palette of colors. In this way he will participate and help you to make the best choice! For the rest and sleep space, it is better to choose rather light colors whereas for the space of games and creativity bright colors can be a good choice.

Room color idea for girl or boy: gray and red / orange

color room child decoration wall painting red gray

If you already have preconceived ideas for color, see with your children if they like them. You can also offer them color duo: pink and white, gray and red, green and yellow, purple and white and others. Also, remember that the room has more than one wall, so you can paint each wall in a different color. The choice of colors can also be made by choosing a theme that your child appreciates and will love to recreate in his room: space travel, safari, Formula 1 and others. The most important thing is that your child feels really good in his room.

Child room in warm colors

color child room warm color gray floor mats white armchair

Room in neutral colors

color bedroom child idea bed wardrobe wood rug floor gray

Child room with original decoration

child bedroom bed deco wall painting blue ottoman

Room in soft colors

girl room idea floor rug paint wall purple bed

Room in gray and red

color bedroom child red gray carpet floor bed

Child's room color in blue and lime green

color bedroom child idea bed wardrobe deco desk wood white chair

Girl's room interior: walls in pink, yellow and green

decoration child room floor mats pink wall table storage

Interior of bedroom in pastel colors and with soft and relaxing lighting

child room color wall bedroom lighting

Children's room in neutral colors

color bedroom child yellow double bed design

Teenager's room in blue and white

teen room decorating idea floor carpet bookcase chair

Teenager's bedroom in gray

color room child indoor gray armchair bed small space

Large children's room in a house decorated with soft toys Sesame Street

color child room big idea carpet floor modern

Child's room in white with vegetal decoration and wall drawing

color bedroom child bed plant idea design skateboard

Teenager's room in red, blue and gray with white walls

color bedroom child floor rug red bookcase desk chair

arrangement bed bedroom decoration floor green interior lighting

color bedroom clear child idea decoration lighting fixture

child room color wall idea deco cot child

Teen room green yellow desk wood chair white bed two seater wardrobe

color bedroom child purple white closet deco wall idea

bedroom color child idea theme

Teen room wall light fixture hanging single bed floor mat

wall painting bedroom girl deco floor mat

deco bedroom child bed wardrobe floor mat red bookcase pendant light

bedroom girl idea wall wallpaper deco bed

bedroom child girl boy color wall bedroom carpet floor office white blue curtain

child room wall paint color orange cushion bed armchair gray

child room interior deco idea painting wall

idea room child bed hanging indoor jungle theme

room child deco idea blue white bed mats beige

baby room bed shaped car original floor mat blue ceiling sky pendant light

room child bed deco color painting

bedroom decor child floor mat white armchair wall light blue

teen room orange red furniture wood floor mats

child room carpet floor library table deco plush

bedroom child deco floor mat shape flower tree lighting

color bedroom child bed rug orange wood desk chair curtains orange armchair skateboard deco

painting bedroom armchair white idea decor white office wardrobe bookcase

child bedroom color idea wall yellow green orange fixture

deco bedroom child deco light fixture bed

bedroom child room decor mirror cabinet floor mats white

room child idea decor bed armchair cushions curtains wall deco

color bedroom teen floor mat orange desk wood chair armchair wardrobe

bedroom teen blue bed wardrobe closet library floor mats black chair

children's room decorative painting plush carpet patterned curtains

bedroom girl painting pink purple hearts princess idea decor pink

bedroom child deco painting wall color storage

bedroom girl deco pink floor rug chair bed flowers patterned curtains

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