Color painting adult bedroom: 35 interesting ideas

color painting bedroom adult wall deco

How to decorate the walls of a room? This is a question we all ask ourselves when we are looking for inspiration for the color painting adult bedroom. If you are in this situation, our gallery is for you!

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We have chosen original and interesting photos on the theme of wall decoration and painting walls for those who are renovating or developing their bedrooms.

Color painting adult bedroom: how to choose?

color painting adult bedroom modern interior

The color of the walls of the adult bedroom is an expression of your character and your temperament. The walls can therefore be considered as a kind of blank canvas to animate with the colors and decorations you like. Moreover, there is no obligation to choose a single color for the decoration of all walls.

Color painting adult bedroom: place your creativity

trend idea color painting adult bedroom

If you feel like it, you can decide to focus on one of the walls in the bedroom by painting it in a brighter color, for example. The image above illustrates this deco idea with a wall in bright red in front of the bed in the bedroom.

How to associate the colors in his bedroom?

wall decoration adult room design

Sophie Bergeron, color and design specialist at the architects Benjamin Moore , gives some benchmarks that allow to choose colors for bedroom decorations more easily.

Idea color painting room adults: blue walls harmonized with the color of the bedding

color palette painting adult bedroom

The colors bedding and bedding are to be considered in the first place since they are often the ones we see most in the room decoration . Do not forget to harmonize the colors of your wall decoration with those of the bed and bedding.

Adult room idea in red color

idea decoration painted walls bedroom

But do not worry, it does not mean that, to respect this deco tip, you must rush into a shop to change completely bedding! Because, to give an adult bedroom a harmonious air, it would be enough to find some unifying touches between the color of paint and the decoration of the bed.

Taupe color: ideal for a peaceful room

wall decoration bedroom layout

Think of touches of color on walls and bed linen that echo. Some accents in similar tones will be enough!

Bedroom decorating tip - put on cushions and accessories in color

yellow walls bedroom decoration

Do not hesitate to bet on various accessories to obtain an effect of this kind. Plaids, throws and cushions are one of the accessible and easy ways to harmonize colors in a bedroom!

To wake up in peace: wall painting in pastel colors

wall decoration pastel color bedroom

The other tip for choosing room paint is to consider the colors of the windows and accessories in the room: curtains, rugs, cushions ... they constitute a set of point of view of the interior decoration.

Adult bedroom colors: neutral shades

color painting bedroom adult wall decor ideas

So you can rely on the colors that dominate to determine the nuances of the paint for your bedroom walls. Experiment with white curtains that reflect the color of the walls.

Harmony of colors in the adult bedroom

painting room for adult ideas

Or, test the result of a mural painting associated with a floor mat in neutral tones!

The color painting adult bedroom affects our state of mind

original decoration arrange bedroom

By the way, remember that the choice of color painting adult bedroom affects its overall mood. By this, it has the capacity to influence our state of mind but also our moments of rest and relaxation.

For a calm and welcoming atmosphere: walls painted in warm colors

wall decoration ideas for interior design

For this reason, it is essential to opt for a paint color that seduces us and makes us comfortable. In the case of a couple, it would be necessary to find nuances that fulfill these functions with regard to two persons within the couple.

Painting in light green and wooden keys

color painting bedroom adult wall decoration colors

To more easily find an adult bedroom painting color that you like, trust the recognized properties of the shades. For example, if you are looking for a peaceful tone, choose green or white.

Zen decoration and clear paint color with wooden keys

white wall bedroom ideas interior design

If you like the cozy or Zen atmosphere, try a combination of light and neutral tones and wood. Some touches of green are also allowed and encouraged!

Red and black for the bedroom wall decor

wall decoration red burgundy room decoration

And for those who love daring sets, there are daring solutions with notes of red and dark colors. The accumulation of these tones will guarantee you a very remarkable result.

Original idea for color painting adult bedroom in black

painting wall decoration bedroom

You could even paint your bedroom entirely in a dark tone, such as anthracite gray or black. In this case, make sure that you have enough light sources both day and night.

Adult bedroom with dark tones and LED lighting fixtures

how to paint interior design walls

The dark colors are known for their ability to darken the space hence their reputation somewhat negative. It is therefore essential to ensure that the room has enough light.

Room decoration with accent wall

wall painting for bedroom layout

To create an interesting effect in a room in light or neutral tones, it is possible to bet on an accent wall. It is a vertical surface of space that attracts attention through an interesting decoration or a paint color.

Room decoration with accent on the wall painted in bright yellow

wall decor bedroom ideas

The accent wall is often behind the bed. It can form a whole with the headboard and wall charts intended to impress.

Enjoy an accent wall in a master bedroom

original idea decorating bedroom paint

The reason why this wall plays an important role is that the bed occupies a central place in the room. It is therefore a natural focal point around which the rest of the scenery is built.

Bedroom with taupe walls and accessories harmonized with the wall decoration

taupe color painting adult bedroom

Thus, an accent wall in neutral shades can be complemented by touches of bright tones. These will then be taken back on the bed linen or on the headboard. The rest of the furniture and walls will be neutral or natural tones, such as white and wood.

For a chic and stylish adult bedroom: paint its walls in white and play with the lights

color painting bedroom adult deco walls

Here are some tips to know to select the color of your room and to create a pleasant atmosphere. And for additional ideas on the color painting adult bedroom, we invite you to check out our beautiful proposals in pictures!

Bedroom in blue and white contemporary style

color pastel adult bedroom paint

color painting adult room wall-accent-red

color painting bedroom dark-lighting adult

color painting adult room taupe-white

how to arrange interior ideas colors

pastel colors bedroom wall decor

painting walls bedroom deco neutral colors

idea decoration bedroom adult paint

decoration bedroom adult ideas interior space

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