Composite wood deck: what you need to know

wooden composite terrace wood idea landscaping idea flowers

A composite wood deck : it is the guarantee for an exterior arranged in beauty with solid material, ecological and which does not require very little maintenance.

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In the following lines, we will give you ideas on how to invite composite wood in the layout of your terrace . Check out our gallery of 32 ideas for composite wood flooring and our practical tips.

Gray composite wood deck

wooden deck composite idea flooring gray floor fence garden armchair cushions

What is composite wood? Composite wood, decking in English or WPC ( composite plastic wood in English), is a material made of wood fibers and plastic resins. At the base, it represented only the substance of different exotic wood species. Today, composite wood is often used to clad and insulate building facades, landscaping terraces and swimming pools, exterior siding, as well as urban furniture and even interior design.

Composite wood terrace in brown color

terrace wood composite coating idea terrace armchair cushions

The manufacture of composite wood is done by extrusion or by injection molding from recycled materials in their majority. If we simplify, composite wood is made of wood waste (pine, spruce, poplar or maple) and polymer resins (polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene or polyethylene) and various additives (antioxidants, antimicrobials, antifungal agents and lubricants, etc. .). Sometimes, we also find plant fibers such as bamboo, hemp and others.

Elegance and resistance

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The wood composite is one of the best materials for outdoor landscaping because it is very resistant to weather, fungi, termites and foam does not adhere to it. Apart from this quality, it also has a beautiful finish and it fades only very little under the action of the sun's rays. You can choose from a wide range of colors. Its maintenance is easy: just sweep with soapy water once or twice a year. In addition, it can be recycled to infinity. Here are some good reasons to choose composite wood for flooring and landscaping your patio or garden.

Exterior furnishing and flooring ideas

terrace wood composite idea layout wood plant decoration

If you have decided to build your exterior with composite wood, it should be between 17 and 110 euros per m². For a natural look, it is advisable to opt for blades containing at least 50% of wood powder. Otherwise, your terrace will look "plastic". The low content of wood fibers lowers the quality and durability of the material. Prefer alveolar models. The most recognized brands are Fiberdeck, Silvadec, TimberTech, Wex.

Gray composite wood flooring

terrace wooden composite idea gray trend

Composite wood was invented in 1975 by the Japanese Nishibori Sadao. Coming from a family of importers of exotic woods he wanted to find a more ecological alternative for the use of rare species of wood and thus preserve the large tropical forests. Today, in Japan, more than 60% of public furniture is made of this type of material.

Composite wood flooring with a beautiful glossy finish

wood composite finish idea wood flooring

Composite wood is experiencing its first evolutions in the United States. In the 2000s, he soon arrived in Europe. Composite wood is particularly popular in the construction of swimming pools and landscaping Outside exposed to specific climatic conditions such as public areas. Often, we can see restaurant terraces, public benches, urban outdoor furniture made from this type of material.

Blades containing less than 50% wood powder have a "plastic" appearance

composite wooden terrace idea gray landscaping flowerpot

Composite wood, made from recycled materials, has an important contribution to the preservation of tropical forests and the fight against massive deforestation. Aesthetic, durable and ecological, the composite wood is an ideal choice for the layout of your terrace, the flooring of your floor and even to decorate your home.

If your exterior is regularly exposed to bad weather, composite wood is a good solution

idea flooring outdoor floor terrace wood idea

For its installation, it is better to ask the intervention to a professional. If you have decided to put it yourself, be careful and avoid mistakes. You can watch the video below to see the steps to follow.

Exterior cladding with colored composite wood in gray

outdoor furniture idea armchair coffee table

Composite wood cladding in gray

idea coating wood composite outdoor terrace

Composite wood consists of wood waste, polymer resins and various additives

terrace wooden composite idea gray outside terrace

Composite wood blades

composite wood terrace flooring outdoor armchair

Idea of ​​composite wood blades in dark brown

idea exterior cladding composite wood trend terrace

Large garden terrace in gray

terrace wood composite coat floor idea landscaping outdoor chair gray

Gray composite wood floor and garden bench

terrace wood composite gray bench wood idea garden

Coating with an original finish

idea wood composite terrace wood outdoor fireplace

Composite wood is often used for outdoor pools

composite wood idea flooring pool trend

Staircase and exterior cladding in light colored composite wood

exterior composite wood coating idea wood staircase

The composite wood coating guarantees durability and stability

composite idea landscaping idea

Terrace by the sea

terrace cover floor idea wood deck chair

White composite wood

Coating white composite wood floor chair cushions resin braided

Composite wood is a practical and aesthetic solution

composite wood idea outdoor flooring terrace

Fine blades for an elegant exterior

arrange outdoor idea blades wood fine parquet wood plant

Outdoor floor covered with composite wood and with lighting

idea floor outdoor coating light trend

Composite wood cladding with rustic look

composite exterior landscaping idea

Light gray upholstery with matte finish

light gray wood composite idea coffee table outdoor carpet floor green

Composite wood is very resistant to the sun

composite wood outdoor terrace idea landscaping cushions trend

Outdoor kitchen with composite wood cladding

idea kitchen outdoor wood composite furniture armchair wood garden

Exterior with wicker resin furniture and composite wood cladding

idea landscaping outdoor trendy resin garden chair

Composite wood cladding manufactured by Trex

composite wood deck idea landscaping outdoor living room garden chair table wood

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