Composite wood terrace: make the right choice!

A zoom of a dark wood composite terrace floor

Large, small, wooden, tiled, the terrace is the little corner of paradise where you can relax as soon as the weather is nice. You want to build a terrace for your home or replace the existing terrace?

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So opt for a composite wood terrace .

Composite wood terrace: close to solid wood

zoom composite wood garden

We know that there are many types of materials for the soil, which is an important part of a pretty terrace. In today's article, we will take a look at a practical and ecological material: composite wood. One of its advantages is that it is very close to solid wood.

A garden and a composite wood floor

garden composite wood floor zoom

It is a recycled material, made of wood fibers and plastic resins . Today, composite wood is often used for terraces. The benefits are many: it is resistant to fungi and insects, it does not slip, does not require specific maintenance.

View from above of a comfortable terrace

view high comfortable terrace

It is also non-flammable, much lighter than wood and easier to install on the terrace. It has the same longevity as solid wood. It can be recycled to infinity. That way you protect the planet and exotic woods. Pay attention because it is a material that accumulates heat; so be careful if you walk barefoot.

Pay attention because it is a material that accumulates heat

composite wood material accumulates heat

To choose a quality composite wood, study the product well before buying it. Its aesthetics and ease of installation are good arguments for choosing this practical material. Despite this, with heat, composite wood can rise slightly.

A swimming pool and composite wood floor

pool view composite wood floor

Let your imagination speak to create your dream terrace. Decorate it according to your taste. Ask for flowers and comfortable patio furniture. Indulge yourself in this paradise corner. Invite friends and celebrate together the layout of your new wood composite deck. So let yourself be inspired by our series of photos!

Composite wood for a terrace

zoom composite wood terrace

A terrace with rattan furniture

terrace view rattan furniture

A comfortable terrace

comfortable terrace view

A composite wood deck

composite wood terrace view

Beautiful and Zen view of a swimming pool with a composite wood floor

beautiful view zen pool floor wood composite

garden view

view two big pots orange terrace

beautiful dark furniture terrace view

terrace view ground composite wood

terrace wood composite material recycle

comfortable garden living room composite wood floor

small chic terrace

composite wood floor garden

beautiful terrace floor cheap wood composite

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