Composter: Care and practical advice

compost kitchen waste

Composter is an economical, ecological and generous solution towards nature and especially your garden. This is a good gesture that contributes to the reduction of waste at the source.

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In April, after the snow melts and when the soil is slightly dry, gardeners start the cleaning from the garden - collect dead leaves, cut dry stems, twigs etc. Generally everything is burned. Obviously it's like wasting money in vain.

food waste to compost

composting residus cooking

With these residues you can prepare compost, which is an excellent fertilizer organic. Composter is a process of natural degradation of organic matter, by microorganisms, in the presence of moisture and oxygen. From garden and kitchen waste, composting transforms organic matter into a product that looks like humus or compost-like soil.

A residential composting outdoor garden

outdoor garden composting

It is possible that you do your composting in a composter of manufacture of traditional type. You can buy it in specialized stores. Choose a convenient and accessible location throughout the year regardless of the season. The contents of the composter should always be wet like a sponge. Do not leave the material too dry, because in this case it will take a long time to compost. Too wet, it will start to smell bad.

composting allows you to have free fertilizer

comoster dechet to

Composter becomes more efficient when the pieces of organic matter are small. The strong and thick branches are broken and put in the bottom of the pit or composter, after, put alternating too wet residues and residues of dry type. Cover with a lid or pit with plastic and sprinkle from time to time.

U n hand-made wooden composter

composter handcrafted wood

Because waste in the open air can attract animals and it is not very aesthetic. In any case there are enough techniques for composting, the most interesting is vermicomposting; it is a composting technique with earthworms, cousins ​​of earthworms; ideal when you do not have a garden!

C residential omposition of branches and leaves of the garden

compost branches leaves

An easy way to follow the composting process

compost garden grate

worms and earthworms are your allies for good composting

earthworm waste compost

the process of transforming herbs and plants into compost

compost process dechet

a metal grid is also effective for residues and their composting

garden dechet compost

a rustic but effective way of composting

compost rustic way

composting and fertilizer manufacturing

result composting garden waste

A composter specially designed for waste and their treatment

plastic composter

a transparent composter ideal to follow the process of decomposition

transparent residential composter

the end result is an organic and ecological fertilizer

residential composting final product

composting is good for your plants and the environment


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