Composting: care and advice to feed your garden

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The composting is a beneficial solution for the environment and your garden. It reduces the amount of household waste and turns it into a natural fertilizer and ecological quality useful to plants, indoor or garden.

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Composting is a good solution for feeding the garden

composting good solution feed garden

In the composting process, bacteria, fungi, and other living organisms are involved in the transformation of organic matter into a fertilizer natural and ecological. Compost improves soil structure, nourishes plants retain moisture. And that's another way of producing and consuming clean fruits and vegetables without chemical fertilizers.

Composting in the garden with fruits

zoom composting garden with fruits

Among the waste that can be used as a base for the preparation of compost; fruit and vegetable peels, tea bags, coffee grounds, eggshells, grass clippings, leafy branches, annual weeds. In composting, you can not put cooked foods like meat, fish, dairy products, and bones.

No beautiful garden without good soil

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Infected plants must be removed because pathogens persist and can contaminate the soil. You need a composter for this, first of all you need a compost bin, which you can make yourself with a few planks. You can also dig a hole in the soil that will serve as compost.

A green garden

green garden view

In addition, composting in the pit is facilitated by earthworms. And above all, it does not cost anything. A good composition of compost resides in different layers that follow one another: a wet layer from peelings and other food waste, and a layer of compost. Each of them not exceeding ten centimeters. In case of cold, for composting, it is necessary to wait at least 9 months for this waste to become an organic fertilizer. In summer, the process takes only three months.

The nurse for a green garden

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Feed the soil in the garden

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Feed the winter garden underway

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