Computer desk: super cool ideas in 25 photos

computer desk idea-original-space-storage-color-white

Do you need a piece of furniture practical and functional on which you can work quietly at home? Are you looking for ideas from computer desk ?

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If you have already answered , continue to look at our article. You will find a beautiful photo gallery and, without any doubt, your inspiration . So, enjoy!

Glass computer desk


Look at the picture above! Made of glass and with a practical storage space, this computer desk is full of style and elegance! Have it come with a chair on wheels and make sure you have complete comfort! This type of furniture can be integrated into any corner of your home.

Computer desk with a chair with wheels

desktop-computer-original-idea-color-white-red chair

If you do not have enough space in your home, opt for a computer desk tiny; complete it with wall shelves around. So you can have everything on hand and tidy by working in your corner. Add even wheeled cabinets that you can put on top of the desk when you're not working on them. You will optimize your storage.

Ultra modern computer desk in orange color

desktop-computer-original-idea-ultra-modern-color orange

Look at the picture above! This computer desk The orange color is ultra modern; in addition, it is full of style and elegance and will only beautify your workspace! In addition, the orange color is full of positive energy and brings a lot of freshness. What do you think about integrating an office like this into your space? The idea tempts you?

Ergonomic computer desk


Computer desk with surface inspired by the fuselage

desktop-computer-original-idea-metallic coating

Computer desk with a glass panel

desktop-computer-idea-original glass-black-panel chair

Computer desk hanging on the wall


More wall ideas

desktop-computer-original-idea modern-color-white

Computer desk with a wooden sign

desktop-computer-idea-original-material-wood chair

Office with a large storage space


Nice chair for the work desk

desktop-computer-original-idea-line clean-chair-metal

Style and elegance for your work area

desktop-computer-original-idea-clean lines

Super nice table for your laptop

desktop-computer-original-idea-rectangular shape

desktop-computer-original-idea-space-storage cabinets

desktop-computer-original-idea-space storage

Ultra modern computer desk. What do you think?


Luxury and elegance for your living room!

desktop-computer-original-idea-colored orange-shine

desktop-computer-original-idea-color orange



desktop-computer-idea-original-original chair-color-white



desktop-computer-original-idea-color-brown material-wood

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