Concrete block for custom outdoor landscaping

detail sofa garden

The breeze block can be revisited to become an element of your exterior decoration, and thus transform itself into bench , table, flowerpot, garden in height or even serve to build a bed .

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It should be noted that the term block is an abuse of language, it is technically speaking concrete blocks, the block is basically a cut stone making the thickness of the wall with two faces facing. We will talk about cinder blocks for concrete blocks since this is the term commonly used in construction.

a real breeze block is a cut stone

this concrete block

Here is for example a high table in blocks, some of which are placed so that they exceed half of their length, thus providing a support for flowers, but one can as well imagine to install there plants which by their development , will constitute a wall of greenery, with vegetation falling in cascade to cover the concrete, for those who are allergic there. Another option is to paint this outdoor furniture, to remove the austere side of the concrete.

it's even nicer when it's painted!

high table pots

The combinations using the block to put plants are many, see our selection of photos to inspire you, let us mention in passing these blocks arranged on each step of a staircase, or this alignment of blocks serving as a border, with the added bonus to be able to bloom the cavities of this border by using hollow blocks returned.

many possible uses

decorative border blocks

Always in the gardening theme, see these gardens in height, they are ideal for the elderly or suffering from back pain because they bring the garden to your height, instead of having to bend down.

ideal for not having to bend down

solid height garden

Designing the furniture of your summer living room is literally child's play, if you can not find the instructions for use, ask a young engineer Lego specialist, you may well have fun! Beds, tables, garden sofa, you can even build a staircase thanks to the cinder block. See for yourself.

build becomes child's play

stairs secondary staircase

outdoor furniture design

design bench furniture

the raw charm of concrete

stable garden sofa

calculate the center of gravity!

multiple planter

quickly done well done

construction bench fire

a bench style color block

garden sofa bed

modular garden table

breeze block arranged angle

wall of breeze blocks

decorative pot breeze block

ingenious storage twigs

furnished patio benches

authentic parpaing bench

bench rest gardening

compost design

breeze block vegetable composition

block plant green plants

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