Concrete planter: 27 cool ideas for a modern exterior

concrete planter modern design terrace

Are you decorating your garden or terrace and you like the modern style? So choose a concrete planter for your outdoor space! She is original and easy to make at home even by those who are not level-level DIYers.

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Read on to learn more about choosing a flowerpot or concrete planter and browse many different models with our illustrations. A small bonus to discover as well: an easy DIY tutorial for easy concrete planter!

Concrete planter and home decoration garden decoration idea

deco concrete planter door entry house

No need to insist, because gardening enthusiasts already know it well enough: each type of gardener and flower pot has different advantages and disadvantages. These are not only characteristics related to the color and other elements of the outdoor appearance of the gardener but also to its functionality as regards the cultivation of plant and flower species.

Concrete planter of contemporary design

outdoor concrete planter contemporary deco

Let's see what are the main advantages of a concrete planter. Know that they are identical for flowerpots, bins and other containers made of the same material.

Idea of ​​flower pot and concrete planter in original shape

cache pot concrete interior deco house modern

For starters, the gardener of this type has very good drainage capacity, which is a characteristic appreciated by all gardening enthusiasts. In the case of containers in concrete these capacities are comparable to those of terracotta and ceramic flower boxes.

High concrete basket for modern decoration of the interior or exterior

jardiniere decoration flower box beton terrace

Concrete planters are usually available in large format. This is something very suitable for the decoration of an outdoor garden and a terrace. These planters can be easily transformed into furniture separating the outdoor space. Another reason to bet on a gardener for the development of a dining area away from prying eyes!

Small and large concrete planter: adapted to different plants

concrete planter high modern design terrace

In addition, because of their large size and stability, pots of this type are an excellent choice for those who wish to plant trees and shrubs in part of their gardens. And, whatever the type of plant chosen, the flower pot massive forms of concrete flower pot contrast nicely with the finesse of plants.

Installation of a concrete planter: good to know

idea planter concrete landscaping terrace

But beware, the large size of the bins of this kind also means that they are heavier and more difficult to move. This is something to consider if you want to decorate a balcony or other raised space. If in doubt, try smaller concrete planters. Or again, bet on a false concrete option that is lighter.

Succulent plants are a very good choice for a concrete planter

outdoor concrete planter modern design

Photo of concrete flower pot for outdoor space

gardener round cement rectangular pot outside

Concrete is also a material known for its good insulation capabilities. It is therefore particularly well suited to areas characterized by rapid climate change; because, as we know, he is able to protect the earth and the roots of your plants.

Original concrete planter: DIY idea

DIY homemade concrete planter

In addition, concrete planters are easy to make at home. We take as evidence the two tutorials that we offer below.

Photo of concrete planter easy to move and make yourself

DIY flower box rectangular garden deco

To tinker with such a large pot of plant, you will need the following materials:

  • a bit of DIY concrete (drying quickly);
  • a self-made mold (using a box of juice or a little bit of cardboard, for example);
  • a container where you could mix the concrete with water;
  • a drill to make holes in the surface of the pot, once it would have taken the desired shape.

That's all you need to get a new plant pot indoor or outdoor!

Do-it-yourself concrete gardener DIY tutorial

concrete planter manufacture-ideas

This concrete planter DIY project requires about the same materials as the one seen above. Here is the list:

  • basic carpentry tools;
  • glue
  • planks of wood;
  • aluminum foil;
  • cooking oil;
  • wooden pegs;
  • Vaseline;
  • gloves ;
  • a container for mixing the concrete;
  • product for sealing the concrete surface;
  • conventional construction concrete.

Before you start the project, gather these materials and prepare your workspace. Also wear gloves, a protection for your worktop and a seal to mix the concrete with water.

Tut to make a concrete planter yourself

concrete planter a-manufacture-oneself-tutorial

To complete the first stage of the project, screw together the wooden planks. They will serve you to give shape to your concrete planter, so shape them according to your wishes. Realize two forms, one small (outer part), the other big (inner bet).

Cover the outside of the small glue form and cover the surface with aluminum foil. Repeat this procedure for the inside of the great shape. Cover both surfaces with cooking oil.

How to customize your planter with a wooden shape

concrete planter model-manufacture

Place the small shape on your worktop turned upside down; then, install the big shape on top. Fasten securely to the worktop using rafters.

Mix the concrete in the container of your choice according to the manufacturer's instructions. Then pour the concrete into the form; make sure it has penetrated everywhere. If necessary, remove the extra amount of concrete. Make holes in the bottom of the concrete planter using wooden dowels immersed in petroleum jelly.

Take care of your DIY concrete planter to extend its life

DIY concrete planter-tutorial

Let it dry for 18 hours; then go to the step of undoing the wooden form and taking out the planter. Do not forget to remove the dowels placed at the bottom of the DIY planter.

For best results, let the concrete dry for 24 hours. Then cover it with a layer of special product to seal the surface (to find in DIY store). Let it dry again before using the concrete planter!

Modern concrete planter: ideal for all spaces

flowerbeds beton idea balcony decoration terrace

The two tutorials above showed us how to make a concrete planter in rectangular or trapezoidal shape. But this type of original creation can also adopt more interesting forms. For that, it would be enough to select a suitable mold!

Concrete rectangular plant pot with water drainage system

concrete planter rolette idee modern flower box

Tinkering with your own concrete flowerbox means that you can decide for yourself the size and shape of the container.

Concrete planter decoration with paint

DIY gardening balcony concrete

This is an idea that will appeal to those who would like to customize their exterior or who are looking for a gardener to install in a corner with unconventional forms.

Flower boxes and concrete planter of original shapes

original concrete planter balcony design

Decorative concrete can also be mixed with various colors. This means that you will be able to customize not only the shape but also the color of your flower tray. Practice, is not it?

Decorative idea of ​​window concrete planter

gardener concrete tutorial diy ideas

If you are seduced by the look of concrete, here are some useful tips for the maintenance of your plants in planters made using this material. First of all, know that concrete is a porous material. This means that it tends to absorb a significant amount of water that is in the soil.

Small concrete plant pots with original look

plant pots concrete garden design

To avoid problems related to quick drying of the soil, you have the possibility to seal the surface of your planter with a suitable product. The type of product may depend on the concrete used and its use (exterior or interior). To find the best product, ask a store specialist for advice.

Modern concrete planter - how to evacuate the toxic products contained in the concrete

concrete planter modern design house

Be aware that concrete can be toxic to some plants. To avoid problems with this characteristic of the material, try to wet your planter well and allow it to dry.

Gardener of modern design in triangular shape

concrete planter idea original deco

Round planter in concrete for small space

round jardiniere plant decoration outside zen

You can also leave the plant pot in the rain for one or two weeks before transferring plants to it. This procedure will flush out the toxic component and make your pot ready for use.

Practical watering system of balcony or terrace gardener

board watering plant garden concrete

Small or large format, the concrete planter is an ideal accessory for the decoration of your outdoor space. Modern and aesthetic, she is currently one of the stars of accessories for terraces and gardens. It is complemented by trendy plants like cacti and succulents. Outside is also often accompanied by decoration with stones and pebbles, which emphasizes its colors and transforms it into an object of Zen decoration.

Small pots of concrete flowers to do yourself

small plant pot rectangular concrete home decoration

To adorn your home, you can count on a concrete gardener to do yourself but also on a brand product, like the one on the pictures below. It's up to you to choose the best option for your living space!

Large design concrete planter

jardiniere design concrete terrace

Concrete planter image of modern design

outdoor flowerpot design garden landscaping terrace

Concrete design planter by Concrete Urban Design

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