Concrete planter and wood to make yourself

manufacture planter concrete deco interior garden

Are you looking for a small concrete planter or a square flower pot for your indoor or outdoor garden? We propose to manufacture it yourself! With the approach of spring, we begin to think about a decoration with flowers and green plants for our interior gardens or outside, for the balconies and terraces of our houses.

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Concrete and wood planter with plant for indoor or outdoor garden

planter concrete deco potted plant for interior

Waiting for the arrival of spring and its beautiful colors, get ready by making this little concrete planter and wood. The realization of this project by Erin Francois is done in three steps. The first is to gather the necessary materials, the second - to make the concrete container and the third - to create the wooden plant pot holder.

Concrete and wood planter for home, terrace or balcony decoration

interior decoration concrete planter

For the first step, gather the following items: quick drying DIY concrete, a 1.75 l juice box, 50 cl cardboard, a bowl and a spoon that you no longer use (to mix the concrete with water), scissors, duct tape, sandpaper, 1.5 cm thick wooden rods, a saw, a connection plate and screws, hooks and screws, your Electric drill.

Green plant in a concrete mini planter

concrete planter door plant homemade wood

Let's move on to the second step. Make the container by preparing your mold using the cardboard, following the illustrations that you will find in our image gallery at the end of the article. Then, once it is ready, mix the concrete with water according to the instructions for use on its packaging. Do not forget to mix the two ingredients well. Pour the mixture into the carton by placing the small cardboard mold and the adhesive tape above it. Let the time dry. When the container is ready, use sandpaper to give a finished look to the surface. Now you can fill your floor planter and plant a plant.

Concrete planter and modern plant pot to tinker at home

jardiniere outdoor flower pot wood concrete

To make the wooden part, cut the stems in the following way: 4 stems of a length of 14 cm, 1 of 10 cm, 2 of 3 cm. Then, follow the steps on the photos in the gallery to put together the stems in the shape of the letter X and to fix them by means of the hooks and screws. Here are the illustrations of the two stages of DIY project :

Materials needed to make a concrete and wood planter

door flower pot wood planter concrete

Illustrations of the first stage of the concrete plant pot DIY project

DIY and deco potted plant square concrete

Concrete flower pot to make yourself: the mold

planter and flower pot concrete

DIY small gardener concrete: make the container

deco pots concrete plant

How to make a pot plant or planter and concrete

pots plant diy deco planter concrete

Photo of concrete planter

deco plant pot deco interior garden

Polishing square concrete flower pot

do-it-yourself garden pot

Illustrations of the second stage of the gardening project of wood and concrete

DIY wood flower box

DIY pot plant wood

DIY ideas pot flower deco wood

wooden flowering stockings manual activities

garden decoration flower pots wood

tinker a wooden flower pot

diy tray flower wood

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