Contemporary and welcoming garden for spring in 50 ideas

contemporary garden patio wood

Driven to the extreme, the design materials and minimalist approach in modern landscaping can sometimes seem a little cold and sterile. And yet, the emphasis on creating an organized space with simple materials has the potential to become an outdoor space that is not only very welcoming but also personalized and clever.

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So how do you manage a contemporary garden suitable for modern lifestyle that will be both stylish and comfortable?

Contemporary garden: some design ideas

contemporary garden interesting ideas

Simple and well-organized lines and sculptural plants are the norm in the contemporary garden and especially in case you want to accentuate the minimalist structure of the outdoor space. This type of development, however, sometimes rejects any relationship with the natural world. But you do not have to choose architectural and sculptural plants. If you want to have a laid-back garden, then opt for plants that have a lively and cheerful appearance to create a more inviting atmosphere.

Contemporary garden with original decoration

contemporary garden original design

In modern landscaping, most elements are minimalist in style, leaving the possibility of a more natural approach to plants. You will not see many perennials in gardens with contemporary design and it's not always good. The colors of the plants and the flowers will help you warm up the atmosphere and will combine perfectly with the colors of the ornamental grasses if you use them strategically.

Modern garden of interesting design

contemporary garden original decoration

Bold silhouettes have a minimalist look that blends well with modern architecture. Start with well organized plants around the outdoor areas and continue so that the plants in your garden hide in the natural surroundings and create a beautiful background. Even if it's a minimalist space, try to avoid the sterile look.

House with small modern garden

contemporary garden minimalist decoration

Sterile, lifeless appearance is a common trap in modern gardens as one strives to use "honest" materials that do not imitate what they are not in reality. We will always prefer a simple concrete patio instead of a concrete patio that is made to imitate the slab. The natural colors of concrete, metal and stone create a cold appearance that can become daunting if it is overuse. The obvious solution is to add color but a color in harmony with modern design.

Elegant design garden

contemporary garden deco landscaping

Oiled wood or recycled wood can also help to make modern deco - characterized by white, black and gray - warmer. A wooden fence, for example, will define and organize the garden, while some wooden benches placed next to the concrete walls can play the role of decorative accents. The layout of the space also has its role to play in case you want to warm the appearance of your garden. It is good to know that tall plant pots create a focal point in the design. The contemporary garden is like an extension of the living space. So, it is very important that it is just as welcoming and comfortable as the interior.

Modern garden landscaping terraced

contemporary garden design terrace

Garden decorated with wooden benches

contemporary garden elegant idea

Another idea of ​​garden decoration

contemporary garden wood bench

contemporary design garden deco

deco exotic garden idea

deco modern garden flowers

deco modern garden idea

deco small modern garden

decoration garden flowers idea

elegant modern garden decoration

modern garden decoration idea

contemporary garden wood fencing

contemporary garden bamboo deco

contemporary garden modern design

contemporary garden ultra modern design

contemporary garden idee amenagement

contemporary garden idee decoration

contemporary garden modern landscaping

contemporary garden concrete walls

contemporary garden patio wood design

contemporary garden green plants

contemporary garden minimalist style

garden deco wood concrete

deco garden interesting modern

garden modern deco idea

garden decoration modern idea

garden contemporary design idea

deco concrete design garden

garden design elegant idea

modern stylish design garden

minimalist design pool garden

garden original design idea

garden design wooden platform

ultra modern design garden

modern garden pergola wood

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