Contemporary architecture: Al Saïf residence in Kuwait

contemporary architecture photo house contemporary design architecture

The residence Al Saif, built by Roma International in Kuwait, is a model of contemporary architecture that we would like to reveal to all our readers. This beautiful house was built in 2015 for the family of a lawyer, composed of his wife and children, as well as his brothers and sisters.

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The land chosen for this project is a family property located in one of the most beautiful residential areas of the city.

Contemporary architecture: photo of the exterior of Al Saïf residence

contemporary architecture design house

During the development of the project, the owners wanted their future house to be a unique building, characterized by its contemporary appearance and symmetrical pronounced. In addition, they wanted to create an interior space that could protect the intimacy of the entire family that was going to occupy it, by incorporating two distinct living spaces. The house was also to have rooms where one could practice different activities in common. Finally, last necessary condtion: that the habition offers to its occupants all the necessary comfort in spite of the bad climatic conditions in this region of the world.

Contemporary architecture: open space inside the residence

architect contemporary house decoration

Architects and designers have successfully met the requirements of their clients by designing a building consisting of two separate houses as well as open spaces within this ensemble. Their idea was to create a kind of envelope sufficient to accommodate all the occupants of the residence.

Example of contemporary architecture and interior design by Roma International

contemporary architecture interior design beautiful house

If the exterior aspect of Al Saif makes you think of that of a fortress, it is not a coincidence. On the contrary, it is a desired and sought-after effect by the builders who have tried to imagine a building with a protective air. This exterior look contrasts with the luxurious materials and the soft color palette used for the interior decoration from space. A real hidden treasure, Al Saïf shows the beautiful results of a fruitful collaboration between the Roma International team and its owners:

Contemporary house: example of interior decoration

contemporary house interior decoration

Interior design of contemporary house

contemporary house construction interior deco

Construction of contemporary house with pool by Roma International

contemporary house design pool

Contemporary architecture and house with interior design

contemporary architecture interior design house

Contemporary architecture: Al Saïf design house

contemporary architecture plan house design

Contemporary architecture and home interior decor

house contemporary architecture idee interior deco

architect builder contemporary house

interior design contemporary design

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