Contemporary design furniture: 75 designer pieces of furniture

design furniture living room contemporary wood sofa

This collection is dedicated to contemporary design furniture with 75 beautiful images of designer furniture for different spaces in the house: living room, kitchen and dining room, bedroom, entrance, terrace and garden.

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If you want to buy furniture of contemporary design or look for ideas for the layout of your house in contemporary style you can find inspiration here after.

Contemporary design furniture: style and elegance by Wittmann

contemporary design furniture headboard

What is contemporary design and what are the features that distinguish it from the rest of the decorative styles? Contrary to what one might think, contemporary design is not identical to modern style. Contemporary design became popular on the 20th e century thanks to the mix of styles and influences between Europe and the United States. It takes elements of a series of other styles, such as modernism and postmodernism, but also art deco and futurism, to obtain an elegant and contemporary look for our daily lives. This is one of the most prevalent decorating styles these days which is achieved mostly through furniture lines, colors and textures.

Living room with contemporary design furniture by Wittmann

gray furniture living room contemporary design

Among the characteristic elements of contemporary design furniture and for the spaces of the house where it is present are the colors of neutral shades. Furniture of this type is complemented and enhanced by accessories of a more vivid color, as can be seen in the picture above: there is a living room with furniture in gray by the Austrian manufacturer Wittmann whose shapes and color are underlined by decorative elements in black and a touch of dark red. Moreover, the use of black and white in the decoration of the interior and exterior is another typical feature for contemporary design.

Contemporary design furniture and dark wood table with drawer by Arco

contemporary design furniture tables with drawers

Contemporary designer furniture is characterized by its sleek yet elegant look. The furniture of this style makes an impression either by their original form, or by the colors used for their decoration. However, this type of furniture is not overloaded with accessories or varied colors. Spaces decorated in contemporary style should never be cluttered with decorative objects or furniture. Instead, try a small number of decorative objects that make a strong impression.

Contemporary design and wooden furniture for living room by Ercol

furniture design deco contemporary furniture living rooms

Another characteristic of contemporary designer furniture are simple lines and smooth surfaces. In other words, furniture of this style, especially when made by renowned designers, is created using high quality materials. This appears in the basic materials for this furniture, where wood, metal and glass hold a place of honor, but also in textures. These are pleasant and natural: you will find a series of examples with the leather furniture in our gallery.

Interior design with contemporary design: round table from the Base Round collection by Arco

contemporary furniture design round wooden table

The simple lines of contemporary design furniture are often inspired by geometric forms in their pure state. You will notice it on the images that we have chosen: we can discover the square, the round and the trapeze in several contemporary furniture for living room , for bedroom and for outdoor spaces. It is also this trend that one discovers in the photo above which represents a dining room with round table created by Arco, furniture manufacturer founded in Winterswijk, the Netherlands.

Contemporary Design Furniture: The Sissinghurst Sofa by Case Furniture

contemporary deco design furniture living room sofas

As for the decoration of interior or exterior spaces in this style, design specialists advise us to avoid furniture with too many ornaments and to favor rounded and flexible lines. The photo of the sofa Sissinghurst, the British manufacturer Case Furniture, is a good example of this type of lines and shapes. At the same time, it offers a nice idea of ​​contemporary decoration with two small accents in bright yellow.

Contemporary design interior design idea with headboard from the Altra collection by Wittmann

contemporary design furniture beds bedrooms

This rule can be omitted if you are looking to create a space with eclectic decoration. In this case you can use furniture of different styles. Think of using furniture in other styles that blend well with contemporary design. Among these is the minimalist design that, like the contemporary style, likes simple shapes and uncluttered spaces. Another type of decoration that harmonizes well with contemporary style is modern design that can swing soft shapes contemporary furniture by its somewhat rigorous appearance. The photo above is a fine example of this kind of balance between contemporary designer furniture and modern furniture, illustrated here by the small bedside table in black.

Contemporary design in the bedroom with pretty wooden furniture by Case Furniture

contemporary design furniture wood rooms furniture

A third style that would nicely complement contemporary design is the so-called "transition" style and also defined as "updated" classical style. The furniture of this style is characterized by a kind of mix of shapes and colors typical for classic decoration and contemporary design. The colors and shapes used for furniture of this style are very similar to those of contemporary designer furniture. You will discover our entire collection of contemporary design furniture below.

Contemporary design furniture and idea for wooden dining room table by Arco

contemporary design wood furniture drawers tables

Contemporary design for kitchen and dining room with original table by Karimoku New Standart

contemporary design furniture dining room wood table

Contemporary Design of Dining Room and Castor Table by Karimoku New Standart

designer furniture contemporary table purchase

Contemporary design furniture: Gina chair by Arco

wooden chairs contemporary design deco

Idea for contemporary garden furniture with the North Collection by Skyline Design

contemporary furniture living rooms gardens design

Contemporary interior design with Lineas furniture by Porada

furniture hallway shelves contemporary design

Contemporary design furniture: elegant black and white sofa Alleegasse by Wittmann

contemporary design furniture zebra sofa

Contemporary design interior design with wooden table and Grid chairs by Arco

contemporary design wood furniture dining room table

Contemporary design and interior design with lounge chair and stool by Ercol

contemporary style furniture design stool stool

Contemporary design furniture: the small Soft Triangle coffee table by Karimoku New Standart

designer furniture coffee tables wood contemporary furniture

Ideas for Contemporary Design Outdoor Design with Eos Terrace Furniture by Case Furniture

contemporary furniture design tables terrace benches

Contemporary design furniture for living room and garden Seax by Dedon

contemporary furniture design garden furniture

Wooden furniture for entrance by Case Furniture and idea for contemporary interiors

contemporary design wood furniture

Contemporary design furniture: Lounge garden furniture by Dedon

contemporary design furniture garden living rooms

Contemporary design for dining room with furniture by Dedon

contemporary furniture dining rooms design

Contemporary design cabinet and Vitrina storage shelf by Case Furniture

contemporary furniture design storage

Contemporary Design for Living Room Design: The Amber Collection by Wittmann

contemporary furniture designer furniture living rooms

Contemporary interior design with elegant Oyster Keller living room furniture by Wittmann

contemporary furniture designer furniture living room leather

Oregon Contemporary Collection Garden Furniture by Skyline Design

contemporary design furniture garden furniture

Outdoor furniture and contemporary deco idea with Malibu collection by Skyline Design

contemporary design outdoor furniture

Contemporary design furniture and furniture for wooden hallway by Karimoku New Standart

contemporary furniture design entrance furniture

contemporary design furniture round tables

contemporary design wood furniture interior design

contemporary furniture desks design tables

contemporary design furniture entrance fitting

design furniture contemporary round tables

furniture design contemporary deco furniture design entry

contemporary furniture design furniture solid wood furniture

contemporary design wood furniture living room furniture

contemporary furniture modern outdoor furniture

contemporary beds design furniture

furniture design contemporary furniture beds

contemporary design furniture beds

contemporary furniture modern design bed

contemporary bed design room

contemporary furniture design garden beds

wood furniture large table contemporary design

contemporary furniture armchairs green modern style

contemporary design armchair furniture contemporary armchair

furniture living room armchair modern design

contemporary furniture black armchair design

contemporary furniture design furniture red chairs

design furniture design leather armchair

contemporary furniture furniture metal chair

contemporary deco chairs and tables design

contemporary furniture design white table

modern chairs design furniture

contemporary design furniture headboards bed

furniture design contemporary decoration chairs wood

contemporary furniture design metal chair

wood fabric chairs contemporary living room furniture

contemporary sofa design living room furniture

furniture design red sofas decoration living room

contemporary furniture sofa design white living room design

contemporary design furniture wood dark table

contemporary furniture living room sofas design

contemporary decoration sofa modern living room design

living room furniture contemporary design angular sofa

contemporary living room furniture corner sofas

contemporary design furniture wood drawers tables

modern furniture design and landscaping terraces

design dining room table design contemporary furniture

furniture entrance modern design and idea layout

contemporary wood design furniture

wooden furniture for modern entrance design furniture

furniture hallway modern design deco idea

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