Contemporary furniture with practical and original wheels

contemporary furniture roulette kitchen island wood

Contemporary furniture is original and interesting. They challenge our imagination with new forms and reinterpretations of old ideas. The furniture on wheels belongs to this group of objects that have been known for a long time but that lend themselves easily to new and intriguing readings.

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And indeed, at present, this kind of furniture attracts a large number of designers and creators of decorative objects.

contemporary furniture roulette bed wood

They take advantage of the fact that the modern man appreciates the possibility of moving his furniture freely and likes to change often the look of his interior. But they also know that today's customers are looking for not only practical models but also for those that have a seductive and interesting look. As a result, the current market responds to this demand with a very large choice of wheeled models for all rooms in the house. They highlight the creative genius of their authors and they seduce us by their functionality and beauty. In this publication, we focus on a series of examples of contemporary furniture on wheels for the interior and exterior of the home.

Contemporary furniture with wheels for kitchen and wooden deco

contemporary furniture roulette deco kitchen wood

Let's turn first to the kitchen and to the furniture on wheels that are specially designed for this piece. A few decades ago, the only furniture on wheels for kitchen were the dessertes and small storage and shelves, often not so good. Today, the situation has completely changed.

Contemporary furniture on wheels: ideas for trendy and practical interior

contemporary furniture storage cabinet roulette canape

Homeowners and tenants nowadays enjoy flexibility. Those who live in a small apartment are constantly looking for opportunities to gain more space and better organize their interior. Those who have a larger surface like to play with volumes and quickly and easily transform their kitchen decor. For these two categories of people today, there is a series of kitchen furniture solutions on wheels. In addition to the famous service, whose look has been refreshed to meet the air of our time, there are now small kitchen islands and even removable models for integrated appliances!

Contemporary furniture on wheels: easy DIY idea

idea serving casters decoration kitchen wood

Among the authors of such furniture are the Rygalik Studio with the Foodlab collection which includes a series of modular pieces. Lovers of DIY projects will certainly also appreciate another idea of ​​kitchen furniture on wheels: the ones everyone can make themselves using an old medium storage cabinet.

Small furniture with wheels for contemporary living room deco

glass table deco living room roulette contemporary furniture

Of course, the kitchen is far from the only part of the house that welcomes furniture with wheels. The living room and the dining room follow it very closely. A very rich collection of furniture is available, specially designed for the attention of those who wish to introduce into one of these two pieces an object with wheels. The coffee table is, of course, the first object of this kind that we think when it comes to the decor of the show. In addition to this small furniture, there are now consoles, TV furniture, shelves and removable boxes, not to mention the sofas and wheelchairs.

Contemporary furniture with casters for easy storage and quick cleaning

modern design wooden roulette storage

Among the manufacturers of this type of furniture are De Steyl and RR Studio who have designed a series of design storage on wheels with a decoration inspired by the African tradition. All these living room furniture, easy to move inside the room, make life easier and make cleaning our homes much faster and easier. Moreover, many artists, designers and architects, turn to this type of furniture and decide to arrange their interiors with pieces of removable furniture. The architects Carl Turner and Harry Thaler are just two examples.

Contemporary furniture: Trendy table for original home interior

table roulette deco industrial dining room

After the show, the dining room was also open to innovations that are able to bring him the furniture on wheels. Thus, there are now models of tables for dining rooms equipped with wheels: an interesting solution that was once reserved for meeting rooms in companies and that the house of contemporary style has integrated into its interior without any problem!

Contemporary furniture with wheels and bedroom decor

contemporary bedroom furniture bed

But that's not all. Having conquered the kitchen, the dining room and the living room, the furniture with wheels are now ready to be integrated in our bedrooms and in the play areas of our children. The removable beds are an example of trendy furniture for bedroom or parental suite. Again, as in the living room, this option makes it much easier to maintain the room and the space below the bed. It is therefore a good alternative of hanging furniture which we talked about recently in a publication. In addition, the latest models of beds on wheels come with storage (open or with drawers), which is still a nice improvement!

Storage cabinet with casters for contemporary home decor

small bench furniture storage casters

Here are some illustrations of house parts and furniture on wheels that are very trendy right now. You can browse many other interesting ideas for contemporary furniture of this kind in the collection of images at the end of this text. And finally, we would like to share with you some very good news: most of these furniture are easy to make at home from wooden pallets or old objects that you no longer use. And now, place to the pictures:

Contemporary furniture for home decor: dining table with casters

table wood dining room roulette

Contemporary living room furniture: coffee table on casters

furniture living room coffee table wood casters

Contemporary living room trendy decor with wooden furniture on wheels

contemporary roulette coffee table

Kitchen furniture with casters

idea table with casters furniture modern kitchen

Recycle pallets and make a contemporary design furniture with wheels

furniture table roulette deco wood

Planter for deco of contemporary terrace and furniture with wheels

pots plant casters terrace outdoor decoration

Practical storage cabinets with wheels

small storage cabinet casters

Wooden and metal console with casters for contemporary style living room

living room console casters wood deco

Office furniture idea with wheels: practical and interesting

furniture roulette desk modern deco

Contemporary furniture with castors for terrace: practical bench idea

garden bench roulettes idees

contemporary furniture living room roulettes table

console wood roulette living room

contemporary child's bed

contemporary design kitchen roulette

furniture tele wooden casters deco contemporary house

tv cabinet industrial style

contemporary furniture living room table roulette

contemporary furniture industrial design bed roulette

contemporary furniture jardiniere garden terrace design

contemporary furniture kitchen island wheels

contemporary furniture casters kitchen decoration

contemporary furniture island central roulette kitchen

contemporary furniture kitchen table roulette

contemporary furniture kitchen rack roulette storage wood

contemporary furniture wood desk casters

deco wood contemporary furniture kitchen roulette

office furniture casters contemporary decoration

furniture with casters contemporary design kitchen

living room furniture with caster coffee table deco

contemporary console table roulette

storage casters child playroom

child furniture bedroom storage casters

storage casters wood furniture

furniture storage room wheelhouse

wooden roulette table

modern furniture roulette house deco interior

industrial furniture living room casters

industrial furniture idea roulette bed

shelf wheels deco modern kitchen

small island wheels kitchen

island serving a roulette kitchen deco

contemporary bed casters room

home office furniture casters

furniture with caster decoration bedroom

bookcase furniture wood roulette

contemporary home office roulette table

roulette furniture contemporary design desk

furniture room furniture casters

storage cabinet wood column

bed roulette deco modern room

jardiniere roulette terrace deco garden

interior contemporary style vintage furniture idea

office furniture contemporary deco wheel

kitchen island with wheels trend kitchen deco

serving storage kitchen wheels

contemporary console roulette house interior design

contemporary console table with casters

deco bedroom teen bed rollers ideas

to make a furniture with roulette modern decoration

contemporary design caster office furniture

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