Contemporary houses: Casa V in Peru

contemporary houses modern design

House V (Casa V), located in Peru, is one of those contemporary houses that amaze us with their design and beauty. This article is dedicated to him.

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Casa V is a creation of Estudio 6 and three young architects, Alonso Briceño, Paloma Valerga and Patricia Salaverry, who are also the main architects of this company. Graduates of the UPC, they are creators who embody the idea of ​​design and personality. Together, they live and breathe the design that drives each of their projects. With the experience of working abroad and, especially in New York in the United States, these young architects are putting their attention to detail and their desire to reinvent the ordinary.

Contemporary houses: the example of Casa V

contemporary houses with terraces

Paloma Valerga is interested in the layout of spaces from an outside point of view, by mobilizing the original look of photography. She successfully visualizes the final result to create an original contemporary space here and to convey her vision of the organization of the exterior and the interior. Alonso Briceño works on the design of the space, the plans and the auditory and sensory aspects of Estudio 6's houses. Always looking for innovation, he found interesting ways to express and present his design. design in Casa V, as you can see in the photos. Patricia Salaverry is the founding architect of Estudio 6 and the voice of experience and elegance in the team. Having a keen eye for detail, she marked this project with her personal imprint.

Contemporary houses and landscaping: the pretty terrace of Casa V

modern decorations for designer terraces

Casa V is an embodiment of the harmonious marriage of design and comfort. Situated on a beautiful beach with white sand and blue sea colors, it has many outdoor areas, a large terrace, an open swimming pool, an indoor garden and an open-air bar. The interior spaces are arranged in contemporary style and in classic and natural materials. Glass, wood, concrete and tiles are in classic colors. Elegant, they combine with the predominant white in the interior decoration. Creation of three young architects with original and sometimes daring designs, the Casa V is part of contemporary houses which impresses us with their beauty.

Contemporary houses: Casa V's dining room

deco dining room design table

Casa V night exterior view

house design exterior plan

Outdoor pool of contemporary house in Casa V

contemporary design house with pool

Garden design in Casa V

contemporary houses designer terraces

Outdoor decoration with Casa V wood

design houses landscaping lawn

Stairs interior design in Casa V

contemporary interior design staircase

Interior design ideas for contemporary homes

interior design ideas layout modern home

interior design

modern bedrooms

modern design interior design kitchens

design bar outdoor modern terraces

modern dining rooms interior deco

white kitchens and wood deco bar

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