Contemporary kitchen design - 11 inspiring examples

contemporary kitchen design black white lacquer

We live in the time of the contemporary kitchen design elegant and versatile that blurs the boundaries between the modern and the minimalist. To give you a proof of what we just said, we will present the latest "smart" kitchens by Caesar .

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These dynamic models highlight a variety of modern compositions designed to perfection to ease your busy urban life. Functionality with a minimalist area and freedom of design are the two keys to success that characterize each of these 11 kitchens that you will see below. With this series the company Cesar tries to extend your living space also in the kitchen keeping an elegant, uncomplicated and refined design.

Minimalist design contemporary kitchen by Cesar

contemporary kitchen design Cesar

Each contemporary kitchen design this series is equipped with the technology "ABS edging" that seamlessly extends the original finish of the doors to the four sides which gives the kitchen a very homogeneous appearance. Clean, with straight lines, simple cubic shapes and neutral colors - these are the traits of these beautiful kitchens. The main idea behind is to create a kitchen very close to minimalist nirvana without transforming it into a simple master piece. This successful balance between form, functionality and innovation promises you exceptional cuisine that will appeal even to those of you who have no cooking skills.

Modern wooden design kitchen

contemporary kitchen modern design

Vibrant colors are a rarity in these kitchens but the wide variety of finishes ensures a visual and textural contrast. With ergonomic kitchen islands, extendable dining tables and beautiful open shelves perfect for convenient storage, these kitchens ensure you can enjoy moments in your kitchen. Look at them:

Large storage space in the kitchen

contemporary kitchen design storage space

Minimalist modern kitchen

contemporary minimalist kitchen design Cesar

Elegant kitchen in white and beige

Cesar kitchen elegante modern

Kitchen with practical central island

modern contemporary kitchen central island

Modern kitchen with lacquered surfaces

modern minimalist design kitchen

Minimalist simple wooden design kitchen

kitchen modern design wood cesar

Original design kitchen

kitchen original design furniture

Ultra modern kitchen in white

kitchen white lacquer cesar

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