Contemporary laminate furniture with birch veneer

contemporary furniture chair Peter Qvist

Peter Qvist, born in 1976 in Denmark, is a pioneer in the art of giving life to forms. He has his own style of expression that is recognizable in all of his projects, be they furniture contemporary, architectural or artistic projects.

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With its own design, Peter strives to combine a sophisticated and forward thinking while keeping a simplified elegance. Its credo is to offer users a unique sense of astonishment, the result of the contrast between simplicity of use and the sensory stimulation provided by the strange complexity of its models.

unique contemporary furniture

contemporary furniture transat Peter Qvist

Its trademark was to combine a sophisticated and highly technological 3D modeling with a completely manual realization, demanding technical prowess and unprecedented craftsmanship. His revelation was that these two methods of work, which may seem somewhat antagonistic, ideally complement each other to reach peaks of perfection in the rendering of his works.

visualization of the process

furniture design design modeling

His approach, avoiding any compromise, allowed him to persevere in the development of his concept for a final result that reflects a perfect balance between design, art and of course functionality. This commitment has enabled Peter to gain the support of several Danish foundations working in the combined fields of architecture and art.

perfect balance

contemporary furniture shelf Peter Qvist

Very architecturally active, Peter believes that the design of furniture goes hand in hand with an optimized layout of the living environment. The style of the furniture has always closely followed the architectural style of our homes. And Peter is a part of this universal and timeless trend, uniting furniture and buildings, and the link in his projects in these two areas is more than obvious: his furniture design is a continuation of his inspiration in terms of 'architecture.

Peter Qvist is also an architect

furniture design signature artist

His projects focus on protecting the environment, integrating new green technologies into the home, and sublimating them to create harmonious lines that can encourage users to integrate ecological concepts as architectural or design elements. . See Peter's contemporary furniture collection.

harmonious lines

coffee table white panel

integration of new technologies

deckchair design maple veneer

a unique work

worktop glass office

contemporary furniture coffee table

design furniture transat light blue version

design office furniture covered glass

design furniture bench bull

detail laminated wood lounger

detail plate glass office

design desk view lower part

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