Contemporary living room deco: is this the right choice for you?

interior contemporary design

Decide if the contemporary living room decor is a good choice for you and learn what are the essential elements of an interior in style with this article! Contemporary decoration is defined as a style that belongs to the present moment.

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It is the interior design that exists, develops and is inspired by our time. It is not to be confused with the modern style, since this last word designates, for the specialists of the interior organization, a precise movement which was very tendency during a good part of the 20th century.

Contemporary living room decor in white and blue

photo of living room contemporary decoration

Although we often tend to confuse these two styles, they are actually very different from each other. Modern design is usually quite daring, it is largely based on innovations in terms of shapes and lines as well as contrasts. It would be suitable for people who like to experiment with the layout of their living rooms. In contrast, contemporary style is based more on tradition, adapting it and accommodating it to the needs of society today.

Contemporary living room decor in shades of gray

interior decoration of contemporary salons

In contemporary design sets, the "less is better" rule is often used. This means avoiding excess in the ornamentation of furniture, in decorative objects and in other interior elements such as wallpapers, for example. The contemporary style is therefore for you if you like fabrics with more subtle patterns and furniture with clean lines but not too square.

Contemporary living room deco and soft color palette

example of contemporary living

The contemporary living room is a calm and welcoming space. It is often decorated with soft colors, such as cream, beige, light shades of mole and white. On the other hand, it could also be painted in rather dark tones, provided that they fit well into the peaceful atmosphere that is typical for this kind of interiors. You will love this type of living room if you imagine your living room as a serene and cozy place where you will spend quiet evenings, with family or friends.

Contemporary living room by LLI Design

images of design shows

In the contemporary style living room, lines and shapes are given a lot of importance. It is they who bring the specific spirit of this space. For this very reason, such a room must necessarily have excellent lighting day and night. Sunlight must penetrate unhindered into the interior to highlight the shapes and colors of the furniture. In the evening you will find, typically in this space, a lot of standing lights and bedside lamps whose soft lighting will emphasize the lines of decorative objects and enhance the feeling of peace and relaxation. If you can not live without a lot of natural light and you have a contemplative mind, you should probably borrow one or two ideas from contemporary sets.

Contemporary living room decor by LLI Design

contemporary living room deco object

And if you like to contemplate the lines and shapes of the design objects, if you are a fan of contemporary art and ceramic and metal interior accessories, you will no doubt be inspired by our salon photos. this style. Examine them now in the gallery below:

Living room with contemporary decor

contemporary living room ideas

Living room with contemporary design furniture

contemporary furniture living room decoration

Contemporary Design Fair

living room contemporary design living room

Living room with contemporary style decor

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Contemporary style living room

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Living room photos with contemporary decoration

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Photo of contemporary living room

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Photo deco of contemporary living room

photo living room contemporary deco

Contemporary design furniture

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Decorative object for contemporary style living room

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Contemporary design living room furniture

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Interior with contemporary design deco

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