Contemporary living room in black and dark colors

contemporary living room idea deco trend painting

Do you want to arrange your contemporary living room in black or in dark colors? Black color is often associated with elegance and luxury. Yet it is rarely chosen as the dominant color in classic interiors.
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Black is becoming, more and more, a frequent choice for the decoration and decoration by some contemporary designers. Intense and modern color, it is able to adapt to any room and stick to all interior styles. However, a room made entirely of black may become too dark. How then to harmonize and soften the dominant presence of this color in a living space? The answer is that to balance it, you have to marry it to other colors. The most common weddings are between black and white, black and gray, black and red. In reality, several combinations are possible. We invite you to discover our gallery of 45 examples of different salons to find ideas and discover how to bring black into your living room interior. Here are the answers…

Contemporary living room and design with black leather sofa

contemporary living room dark color

Black is not a color per se. However, it includes all the characteristics of a color and can set the tone in the decoration. Easy to associate, the black takes place in all rooms and it is forbidden anywhere. Black is often perceived as austere, too dark and imposing. Currently, we discover more and more its charm and its decorative power to, ultimately, qualify as elegant and discreet. Now, he settles on the walls with a matte paint - intense and refined - on furniture, lighting and decoration. It is easily associated with natural tones or light and pastel shades. If you have decided to welcome this color in your living room, it is certain that its presence will give character to your room. To reveal its charm, give importance to small decorative details.

Contemporary living room and dark paint color idea

contemporary living room black deco

You can welcome black in many ways. Use it in small keys or make it the dominant color by painting your walls and ceiling in black. In painting and in small quantities, the black will emphasize the architectural lines and give a little more pace to the space. It's a good choice for small salons .

Contemporary living room with colorful and white accents

contemporary living room harmony of color painting

In small quantities, black is also a color that highlights the furniture and the room. For this reason, picture frames are often black. In this way, the works are highlighted. The dark colours can also dress beams, stairs, door frames or windows. One can always accentuate and make more elegant an interior where light colors predominate, adding elements in dark colors.

Living room with brown wooden wall and black leather sofas

contemporary living room sofa black leather design floor rug gray brown wall wood black and white chalkboard

In large quantities, black, brown and dark gray sublimate the other colors. They bring out the shapes of furniture and decoration. For example, you can opt for a floor and ceiling covering in black or brown. In this case, it is necessary to choose a suitable lighting so that your living room does not become too dark. Do you know that depending on the light received (natural or artificial, strong or soft), some dark colors may change hue? The suspended luminaires will give dynamism to the room, while the dimmed floor lamps will create a cozy and discreet atmosphere. Black, brown and dark gray are adaptive colors. Married with gold, the dark colors will give a feeling of luxury and exclusivity. Associated with marble, they reveal themselves to be modern and design. Combined with stainless steel, they will create a futuristic atmosphere. In duet with wood, the dark colors look soft.

Contemporary living room: idea of ​​dark paint color and harmony of colors

contemporary living room painting idea

Contemporary living room and elegant color balance

modern living room design wall black parquet floor black armchair vintage leather

Classic wedding in black and white

living room black and white design furniture black lacquered floor mats black cushions black and white

Contemporary and elegant interior

living room design harmony black and white floor rug armchair coffee table living room fixture hanging white cabinet

Do you like blue?

living room contemporary blue design sofa modern floor rug fixture hanging gray coffee table wood design modern idea

Black living room with furniture in wood clear and original decoration

living room black wooden design coffee table floor mats gray shelves blackboard wall deco chair black

contemporary living room design idea floor rug gray shelves wood furniture design frames wall deco sofa white cushions

living room modern design furniture sofa gray cushions shelves white table berre

living room black contemporary design idea design floor mats brown wood furniture white shelves coffee table living room deco objects design black

living room black design sofa black coffee table wood floor rug dark gray tiling white mirror wood frame black

modern living room design white shelves black sofa cushions black and white idea chair modern furnishings

contemporary living room dark gray black design industrial style pendant light black design

black living room contemporary design dark black floor rug modern shelves beige sofa design idea

living room design modern idea whiteboard abstract deco interior in black and white sofa white cushions armchairs

modern living room idea design couch gray deco yellow cushions chalkboard abstract wall armchair yellow white

interior living room in white bookshelf black wood design idea decor wall chart

interior-design-idea-sofa lounge

golden brown living room minimalist luxury design

indoor living room wall black idea tile floor wall decoration frames sofa white cushions in black and white

design living room design wood sliding doors white shelves tv stand

Contemporary interior living-room-gray

interior living room contemporary design sofa green tile black and white interior modern deco photo

living room white red black design sofa idea coffee table deco wall table

industrial style modern design living room idea original wall decoration

parquet black wood design table chair floor mats white deco wall frame shelves

armchair black orange floor mats white design fixture suspension decoration wall frames

interior living room design floor mats black corner sofa beige deco cushions coffee table

living room black leather design floor mats black wall chair black leather

living room modern interior design sofa black cushions decoration plants

living room contemporary contemporary interior sofa gray cushions table wooden chair suspension design bouquet flowers

contemporary interior design deco wall frames

living room interior design modern black ottoman corner sofa black design cushions idea

interior design living room sofa black beige floor mats wood chair shelves storage

wall decoration living room design frames composition sofa white cushions wall wood flooring gray blue pouf

modern living room black bordeaux design

living room black wood idea tile floor black light wood table

contemporary living room modern design sofa cushions wood floor coffee table glass armchair black leather

living room contemporary gray white design idea furnishing furniture living room

contemporary living room in gray design sofa idea cushions modern floor rug

interior living room contemporary modern living room design tiling wood wall black briquettes

interior living room contemporary sofa gray deco flowers bouquet coffee table black cushions

contemporary living room black floor rug coffee table wood design modern gray sofa

living room design idea sofa black cushions armchair cushions coffee table low design idea

contemporary living room gray design white sofa white coffee table

living room contemporary black coffee table black wood sofa leather shelves bookcase

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