Contemporary loft: 55 inspiring examples

modern loft modern design

How to arrange a contemporary loft ? What are the key elements for a successful interior? What is the origin of industrial style and how is it present in contemporary design?

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To answer this question, we present our selection of modern lofts designed by contemporary designers in industrial style, but with innovative touches.

Contemporary loft with large library

contemporary loft-library-design

Lofts have become a real trend for a few reasons. First, the loft is, in general, located in a space that originally was not intended to be inhabited. A factory is transformed into a place of life. In the beginning this option was not very expensive because the price of these spaces was cheaper than that of the apartments. Nowadays, several people in creative professions prefer to live in such a space to be able to develop their workshop. Having a big space in town has become an exclusivity. If you still have the chance to have a loft, here is how a number of contemporary designers have fitted them.

Contemporary loft and design with beautiful views

contemporary loft design beautiful view

Patinated wooden furniture, leather armchairs, suspended and disproportionate luminaires: these are the elements that are often associated with industrial interior design. Indeed, contemporary design is strongly marked by the industrial revolution. The history of design is inseparable from that of the industrial revolution. In the 1850s, major manufacturers embarked on the design race. They try to understand the needs of consumers. It is also at this moment that the notion of "consumer" appears. It is no longer a question of producing in a fast and efficient way, but also of offering effective and aesthetic objects. Before, aesthetics was reserved for artisans and artists. They were the ones who produced unique and design objects. Having a designer table or chair was expensive and was only available to those who had a budget.

Contemporary loft and two-storey design

contemporary loft two levels

One of the most striking examples of the history of industrial design is that of Austrian designer and entrepreneur Michael Thornet. He has sold more than 50 million of his famous "bistro" chairs. From the beginning of the 20th e century, artistic research is also at the service of the development and improvement of everyday life and the social environment. Artists lend themselves to the game of industrialization. The 1920s are the era of art deco. Modern becomes practical. The objects produced had to marry aesthetics and practical utility. In the 1930s, manufacturers understood that the design of a product guarantees its success. They highlight the appearance, shape and color of the product.

Bright and spacious loft, design Dusica Balta

contemporary contemporary loft Dusica Balta

Finally, nowadays industrialization is a fact. Product manufacturing is accelerating to meet the demands of consumers. On their side lately consumers are passing on the other side of the bridge. They become manufacturers themselves. To recycle, to tinker, to make oneself, one hears these words more and more often. It is also curious that today what is called "industrial style" is the opposite of what it was at the time. An interior in this style of design is often fitted out with recovery objects . Lofts are actually old industrial spaces (often factories) that have been transformed into places of life.

Open space and design

loft design idea layout island kitchen coffee table palettes deco window wall bricks

We invite you to discover our selection of 55 visual examples of industrial style lofts with touches of modernity:

Ultra modern design loft

loft contemporary design modern idea layout

Contemporary design loft with modern interior

contemporary loft contemporary interior design modern furniture interior design modern deco table pallets

Loft decoration with modern kitchen

kitchen loft design layout idea living room pouf lighting

Loft interior design with industrial interior

minimalist interior loft design idea table wood kitchen deco central island

Loft with ultra modern kitchen

contemporary loft modern design layout living room idea sofa pouf deco bookcase

Dining table and chairs industrial style

loft design dining room design gray table design chair metal

Brick wall

contemporary interior loft bedroom bed decoration wall frames

Concrete wall and brick wall: an industrial classic

loft modern design idea deco sofa gray cushions furniture design cushion armchair

Stylish interior living room, design Vladimir Bolotkin

modern interior design armchair gray floor mat coffee table glass corner sofa gray light fixture suspension

Living room furnished with two designer sofas

design interior living room sofa gray modern fixture hanging design parquet wood floor mats coffee table

Wooden design staircase

interior loft contemporary design modern idea fixture hanging table wood armchair white

Modern wooden bookcase

contemporary loft design idea library design wood storage deco

Yellow Piano

interior design modern piano wood light fixture hanging deco parquet wood ottoman

The bar of the kitchen

loft design modern fixture hanging design central island stool wood deco

Suspended luminaires design

interior loft design parquet wood white table round chair wood pendant light

Dining room with suspended light design

interior design modern dining room lighting suspension chair wood table bookcase

contemporary loft design idea staircase lighting fixture hanging white deco table

loft contemporary design modern idea layout dining room table fixture suspension deco wall tile

loft contemporary design bedroom idea layout table wall deco layout loft

loft contemporary design fixture hanging idea island stool wood armchair cushion floor mats deco wall bricks fixture suspension

loft contemporary design sofa leather suspension wall deco wall bricks idea stool wood kitchen

contemporary loft layout design idea painting wall deco industrial lighting design ottoman kostya entaltsev

loft contemporary interior bedroom industrial style light fixture suspension kostya entaltsev

industrial bathroom interior style loft design layout bathroom wc

contemporary loft design idea living room living room corner sofa white carpet floor coffee table black staircase

contemporary loft arrangement idea floor rug blue wood staircase coffee table black sofa gray cushions

loft modern design interior design idea deco wooden table chair wood yellow light fixture modern suspension

modern loft arrangement idea wooden table fixture industrial hanging chair wood wall bricks deco

loft contemporary idea design sofa gray pallet wood furniture design kitchen lighting industrial style

contemporary loft arrangement idea chair pink design table donkey table low wood cushions

modern interior design studio idea sofa corner living room lighting industrial style armchair pink

design loft modern fixture suspension design home wood deco books storage

contemporary loft interior design modern sofa armchair pink coffee table wood

interior design modern ando studio fixture hanging idea deco books frame mirror

contemporary loft industrial design modern interior dining room white chair table design parquet wood fixture suspension idea furniture white wood

contemporary loft modern kitchen design floor rug idea kitchen furniture modern deco wall

interior loft design carpet floor sofa design white modern tv library

interior design modern sofa armchair yellow cushion wood parquet deco green curtains

contemporary interior bedroom bed wood design chair white deco office carpet floor modern black chair

interior loft contemporary idea design bedroom design

interior living room design idea layout space loft modern bedroom bed wood deco table

interior loft design idea design living room pouf leather deco wall idea table staircase wall bricks

contemporary loft kitchen design idea central island lighting fixture suspension design stool wood

interior design loft modern island central lighting fixture suspension furniture loft tile

loft contemporary design interior modern idea bookcase wood storage white island central stool wood wall gray

living room loft interior design idea contemporary industrial style sofa luminaire suspension

loft modern design idea contemporary design design modern armchair pouf djordje stevanovic

loft design interior design idea carpet floor modern staircase interior deco sofa

loft modern design sofa white floor rug black fixture deco staircase design idea

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