Contemporary style stone and steel house in Australia

house stone glass exterior design

This stone and steel house with contemporary architecture is a project signed Alexandra Buchanan . It is in a wilderness of Australia. Situated on a hill overlooking the Yarra River, the building rises in the middle of a bush-covered area in one of the bushland's most distant continent of Europe.

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Stone, wood and steel house: design space

house wood terrace contemporary decoration

The region, which is subject to restricted access and is covered with vegetation, was a real challenge for the architects of Alexandra Buchanan studio. They decided to exploit the natural topography of the construction area to effectively register the new building in the landscape and to provide its owners with beautiful views. The project has evolved around the creation of a two-part living space that brings more privacy, natural light and easy access to the outdoors.

Stone and steel house: contemporary interior design

stone house modern decoration

Completed in 2014, the house has an interior and an exterior that echoes the latest trends in decoration. Organic materials and, in particular, stone and wood , are omnipresent: on the exterior facade but also on the beautiful terraces and on the walls and flooring of the interior. To bring a more balanced air to the building, the designers decided to complement these materials with elements in steel and glass, cooler, but also very trendy.

Stone house with contemporary style interior

living room deco modern wall facing

Alexandra Buchanan's studio, which has over 16 years of experience in the construction of private homes in Australia and elsewhere, is therefore right to present this project, and many others, as conscientious of the environment. . Because this house shows how to create a building of contemporary style that can harmonize with nature and that is both aesthetic and functional. You can get an even better idea of ​​this project of Australian architects by exploring the following images:

Photo of stone house of contemporary architecture

wood coating interior house

Stone and wood wall cladding and contemporary style living room interior

contemporary interior design wall house

House of contemporary design respectable of the environment

house wood stone living room interior design

Contemporary house decoration in stone and steel

house stones contemporary style deco wood

Detail of contemporary stone and steel house design

fireplace contemporary design house natural materials

Contemporary design wood and stone house: picture of the interior

house architect interior decoration contemporary

stone house modern kitchen deco

contemporary bedroom home decoration

kids room home contemporary deco idea

bathroom decoration deco contemporary house

architecture house stone exterior photo

luxury property contemporary architecture

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