Contemporary wooden houses: the House U in Milan

wooden houses small pool layout design

This week, we bring you to the discovery of a contemporary residence , the House U, which is part of our selection of wooden houses of architects. The house, located in the Milan area, was designed by Marco Carini, an Italian designer who has been working in the field of architecture and interior design since the 1990s.

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Wooden houses and contemporary architecture in Europe: the House U in Milan

wooden houses architecture and photo design

Following the principle of Mies van der Rohe, recognized today as one of the founders of modern architecture, who said he did not want to be interesting but wanted to be strong in his work, Marco Carini always tries to choose the best materials for each of his projects.

Wooden houses with exterior design and contemporary garden

contemporary wooden houses garden outdoor stairs

It is precisely by following this principle that he decided that the House U house should be built in wood , a material that gives a lot of freedom to architects and decorators, while bringing a lot of character to buildings.

Photo of contemporary style wooden houses with green roof

wood house photos contemporary exterior

Outdoor garden landscaping with compact pool

contemporary house swimming pool amenagement jardin

The House U is above all a contemporary and natural home, which highlights how a large building can almost embody a birth, the beginning of a new life that is redefined every day by the experiences of local residents. House.

Deco of terrace small space of contemporary style

image house wood terraces deco amenagement

Materials that correspond to the elements of nature, such as the wood metal, earth, water and fire are, for the architect, not only the key to a perfect balance in the decoration of the house but also a way to breathe a soul into it.

Photo of wooden houses: the House U by Marco Carini Interior Designer

wooden houses italy contemporary architecture

Green space and wooden house construction with natural look

contemporary wooden houses italian design

The Milan residence, which is surrounded by lush greenery and has a garden with a small swimming pool, is a building that transforms everyday experiences into something deeper. It is almost a meditation and a union with the main elements of our planet that are also the source of life for all beings with whom we live.

Contemporary Home Design Wooden Front Door Design

contemporary decoration door entry house design

In addition to his deep reflection on the construction and decoration materials of his projects, Marco Carini takes a close interest in the role of lighting for the ambience of interiors and the appearance of exteriors.

Contemporary wooden houses and exterior design lighting

lighting design coating wood contemporary house

Garden and contemporary pool light

terrace pool contemporary house deco wood

Having conducted a series of seminars on these subjects, he uses his experience with the House U, whose forms he delicately emphasizes by means of subtle bands of light.

Photo of Italian cuisine and nature deco with large windows

kitchen design wood design italian house interior

Interior design idea of ​​living room open on a terrace

living room deco house contemporary architecture

The construction project of this house was completed in 2015. Just like its exterior, its interior is realized with a whole conception of the way of life of the modern man and its relation with the elements of the nature.

Natural and elegant bathroom decoration of wooden house

idea bathroom deco house contemporary design

Interior bedroom design of the House U

idea deco bedroom house interior design

Photos of House U by Marco Carini Interior Designer

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