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shoes storage idea furniture design welcome birex

The storage of the house and its organization require good logistics. Are you a big fan of shoes? Do you need a range shoes practical and design at the same time?

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If you have a large personal or family collection of shoes and it always takes up too much space, this article is for you. Discover our selection of designer and elegant shoe storage for a tidy and modern entrance. Thanks to this furniture you will have a place for the good storage of your shoes and, moreover, an additional surface to decorate or use as you wish. Let yourself be inspired by our dream shoe furniture gallery!

Designer shoe rack, HOSOI collection, Birex

range modern blue lacquered design shoes collection hosoi birex

Birex is an Italian company, specialized in the design of contemporary and quality designer furniture. It offers original solutions to make everyday tasks more enjoyable. Creating a functional and enjoyable living space is important for general well-being. Often, the storage takes too much time because it requires to optimize. That's why Birex offers multifunctional, versatile, comfortable and everyday furniture. The six shoe cabinet collections include shoe racks of different sizes and functions.

Designer lacquered shoe rack Birex , HOSOI collection

range shoes design lacquered idea modern furniture design

The shoe cabinets of the HOSOI collection are characterized by their lacquered doors with integrated lateral sockets and their large capacity. This furniture will have a very elegant and design presence in your Entrance .

Lacquered design shoe cabinet, HOSOI collection, Birex

cabinet storage shoes blue design birex

This shoe cabinet is available in blue, green and purple. Its lacquered surface makes it elegant and modern . It is suitable for all styles of design.

Purple shoe cabinet, HOSOI collection, Birex

storage shoes idea modern design birex

Shoe cabinet from the HOSOI collection

idea storage shoes practice furniture wooden design birex

The XL collection offers shoe cabinets with recessed handle. You have the option to install one, two or three rows of shoes that can adapt to the desired height which makes them perfect for shoes like boots or boots.

Shoe cabinet, Welcome collection, Birex

range shoes wall practical wood design collection XL Birex

XL Collection of Designer Shoe Cabinets by Birex

wall shoe range in elm birex design

The MINIMA collection includes shoe cabinets with a minimalist design, all with grooved handle. They are available with one, two or three rows of shoes. Their capacity is important, they can contain several pairs of small and large dimensions.

Range of elm shoes, Minima collection, Birex

range shoes design white wood elm minima birex

Shoe cabinet perfect for maxi shoes

furniture design shoes storage idea minima collection birex

The Linear collection includes a patented high capacity cabinet. It can store up to 50 pairs of shoes. This optimal space is suitable for storing boots. The shoes can be placed inside and on the back of the doors.

Shoe cabinet, Linear collection, Birex

arrangement entry idea storage shoes linear collection birex

You can store up to 50 pairs of shoes

Many places for your shoes

The Welcome collection includes a suspended shoe cabinet with mirror: a single piece of furniture that fulfills several functions. Its thickness is reduced so that it can be installed even in a small entrance or in a storage space. His ability remains great. Its design is minimalist which makes it easily adaptable to different styles. The door is with a side-pull handle that allows the layout of a large mirror.

Shoe cabinet, Welcome collection, Birex

shoes storage idea furniture design welcome birex

Furniture with mirror

Economical in terms of space but with great capacity

The collection SPACE is simple and elegant. It includes wooden shoe cabinets with minimal footprint. You can install one or two rows of shoes inside this furniture. You also have the option of putting a mirror door.

Space Collection

The Logika collection includes refined and minimalist entrance furniture. It also offers very elegant storage furniture. Inside, you can arrange your shoes, just like other objects.

Logika collection: design entrance furniture

Shoe cabinet, LOGIKA collection

Wall shoe cabinet

Entrance furniture and storage shoes in purple

Purple design furniture, Birex

Storage idea

Aesthetic and practical

storage entrance idea furniture design wood mirror birex

What does the competition think? Here are other proposals for elegant and designer shoe storage by other brands and companies.

furniture storage shoes idea wooden modern deco

furniture storage shoes idea design

storage entrance idea furniture design floor mats

arrangement furniture design storage shoes

furniture shoe storage idea design entrance

furniture design storage idea modern white

shoe storage idea modern design kristalia

idea furniture design shoes storage kristalia

range shoes in walnut modern wood 200 hulsta werke huls design

range shoes wood idea arrangement schonbuch idea

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