Convertible sofa design by Rafa Garcia: retro modern

sofa design blue cushions modern tiling black and white deco rafa garcias

Tiptoe is a convertible sofa which is part of the contemporary furniture collection "The Majestic Collection" designed by designer Rafa Garcia.

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Tiptoe is an elegant, simple and minimalist inspired furniture that is both retro and retro. Its beautiful aesthetics and soft cushions provide an irresistible relaxation and pleasure experience. In the selection of photographs below, you will find a modern interior furnished with different furniture designed by Rafa Garcia. A beautiful exhibition ...

Sofa convertible design Tiptoe Rafa Garcias

convertible sofa design blue beige black and white tiling luminaire suspension coffee table bouquet of flowers

The Tiptoe sofa has a sober and rational aesthetic that is actually the actualization of an image of a modern classic. Its design is built around functionality and simplicity. This allows to harmonize with a large number of interior styles to create a calm and serene atmosphere. The name of this sofa is inspired by its slender legs that help us to imagine it as a discreet and light furniture that fits smoothly into space. His feet improve his design, but also make it more sophisticated. It is available in two versions: copper and anthracite.

Convertible Sofa Design Tiptoe

convertible sofa interior design rafa garcia tiptoe tile black and white tiles fixture hanging modern design

The Tiptoe sofa is a furniture of irresistible comfort. Its depth is reduced. Modules and arms exist in a wide variety of sizes. Thus, a large number of pieces are created to adapt to real needs. The seat is very nice. It is made of a mixture of fibers and viscoelastic foams. The cushions offer a soft comfort.

Moon bordeaux sofa and sofa in white Tecno

sofa bed design white modern interior tiling black and white sofa burgundy lighting fixture suspension

Rafa Garcia is a young designer who is part of the creative heart of Sancal . He is the author and designer of iconic pieces for the brands Air and Eleva. Among his most recent and most remarkable creations are the Rock table and the Techno white sofa. Rafa Garcia has long been inspired by a retro style of which the Tiptoe sofa is a part. In his recent work, there is a slight retro touch and a strong minimalist presence.

Burgundy sofa

Convertible sofa design interior modern coffee table fixture hanging stool table deco bouquet flowers

Sancal is a collective of designers who declare "Be very attached to space, shapes, volumes, colors, materials, concepts ... in definitive, to create ambiances and to solve the problems of the habitat " . They work with a large number of designers and companies to create smart, innovative and functional furniture.

Sofa Tiptoe in brown

corner sofa design interior modern blue light fixture suspension armchair coffee table design modern deco cushions

Modernized retro style interior

convertible sofa design blue beige interior modern coffee table black and white tile

Soft and elegant interior

sofa brown design lighting fixture hanging coffee table armchair deco modern cushions

Interview with the young designer Rafa Garcia for his new creation:

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