Cooking counter in 31 design ideas

modern style kitchen counter

Want to refresh the interior of your kitchen? Have you thought about a new kitchen counter ? A nice counter will change the whole appearance of your kitchen. Designing a counter that fits ideally to your kitchen and style is important.
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You can repaint it, lay a new laminate, lay ceramic or change it completely! Discover our selection of 31 examples of different style kitchen counters and find original ideas for yours.

Wooden kitchen counter

kitchen counter wood furniture island

Painting is the cheapest and fastest option. Our advice is to choose an acrylic painting. Apply it in 3 layers, let it dry well between each application. Did you know that the darker the color of the paint, the longer it takes to dry?

Modern kitchen counter in gray

island kitchen countertop

Do you have a right counter? So the best solution for you is laying a new cover. For molded or round counters, this is not a very good solution. To cover it, you just have to take the right measurements and apply the laminate with glue. On the market there are all kinds of materials of varied price and quality.

Kitchen in wood with steel appliances

kitchen countertop central island layout

To change your counter it is necessary to primer, cut the seal around, then remove the screws and remove the sink (faucet and sink). If you are not a great handyman, it is better to seek the help of a professional. You can choose the covering material: marble, granite, wood and others and make it to measure.

Black counter in a white kitchen

idea modern kitchen counter

The method that takes the most time, but impresses, is the laying of the ceramic on your counter and backsplash. This can totally change the look of your interior. There are many original designs, and if you are ready to experiment, you can achieve remarkable results. The variety of materials, sizes and designs is very wide.

Countertop with sink and wooden surface

kitchen wood furniture furnace furniture sink extractor hood

Wooden counter with storage

countertop kitchen wood floor design fixture suspension idea

Interior in gray with original suspended luminaires

kitchen counter idea interior design gray modern stool extractor hood

Very elegant kitchen interior with style elements industrial

interior kitchen modern kitchen countertop pendant lamp central island

Wooden counter

kitchen design furniture idea deco modern wood flowers

Large white counter and large hanging lights

kitchen countertop idea lighting fixture suspension design wooden stool

Interior in white and gray

arrangement bar kitchen idea lighting fixture suspension

In orange and white

kitchen lighting fixture suspension design idea furniture wood

kitchen design idea counter bar deco

wall tile kitchen bar deco lamp

central island light idea modern design central island white

bar design design stool deco idea flowers hanging light fixtures

central island wood design interior decorating idea modern kitchen white kitchen counter

countertop kitchen idea layout design deco extractor hood

stool kitchen countertop kitchen design central island sink

modern kitchen design idea lighting fixture hanging stool

kitchen counter bar wood design

kitchen interior modern idea countertop kitchen fixture

kitchen idea lighting fixture central island oven idea wall tile

kitchen design idea light fixture pendant central island bouquet of flowers deco

kitchen countertop stool wood stool

kitchen idea design countertop brown design

white kitchen with countertop idea lighting


modern kitchen central island white design

modern kitchen fixture hanging wood deco flowers

kitchen countertop idea design white stool design deco design

kitchen counter idea bar stool furniture window fridge

arrangement kitchen bar interior lamp modern bar design central

wooden kitchen cabinet oven stool black interior design

kitchen counter in white wood furniture stool design

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