Cooking style campaign: more than 50 ideas for a successful decor

blue country style kitchen

Today, we make you rediscover the country style kitchen with its vintage design, romantic and without neglecting the chic side. Here are 50 ideas that will help you succeed in decorating or at least inspire you.

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Let's start our guided tour so to speak! The first two kitchens shown on the top and bottom photos are both a good choice for those who love the friendly atmosphere of the country houses and the rich décor of accessories. This type of kitchen design, aimed at the kitchen below, would also be suitable for those who like the style shabby chic or vintage type decoration. What are its main features and how to achieve a country style kitchen effect at home?

Get a country style kitchen effect

beige country style kitchen

The country style kitchen design dates back to the old houses with their large kitchens made of solid wood and stone. Due to the specific construction of this type of housing in the past, the rooms of the old houses were not always well lit. This has two consequences for the decoration of today's kitchens. One is that we gradually began to use lighter colors for the decoration of this room in the house. The other, we introduced new elements that further illuminate this room. For this reason, the country style kitchen is a happy mix of solid wood furniture with a vintage look and light colors that can be applied to the walls, using paint or wallpaper, or on the floor , using tiles or even putting some furniture on them. Thanks to this mixture, we obtain a kitchen of character and convivial atmosphere.

Decoration ideas for country style kitchen

kitchen-style country-vintage

The wood is featured in this kitchen and can be found everywhere: on the floors, in the finish of furniture or on the walls and ceilings with exposed beams. This material is often accompanied by countertops or worktops made of stone or marble. Wall tiles are, in many cases, in light colors on small tiles that remind us of old kitchens.

Country style kitchen with open wall storage and white furniture

kitchen style campaign white idea

Appliance appliances, large electric ovens or retro gas stoves accompany this type of kitchen decor, as well as large format hoods, whether metal or built to the old, such as hoods of a fireplace. Patinated vintage cabinets or open shelves on which plates can be stored are also part of the decor of country-style kitchens. These are often arranged in rooms of a larger size, there are also nice dining areas with wooden tables and chairs straw.

Chic country style kitchen from the Belvedere Collection by Scavolini

country style kitchen Scavolini

The added benefit of this kind of cuisine is that it is easy to mix with a variety of styles. Thus, we can very well use a few recovered objects' renovated to complete its decoration and even to create an interesting accent in the room. If we want to give a more modern look to this kitchen, we can develop an island. We offer some ideas of islands that are particularly suitable for decorating the countryside and often have open shelves where you can store small accessories. It's these small decorative items that make the charm of country style cooking so do not worry about using as much as you want!

Country style kitchen with wooden worktop and stone drainer

Scandinavian kitchen worktops

As for small accessories, you can bet on vintage decorations such as plates, baskets and wooden objects. The country design kitchen likes to showcase everything that is hand-made or anything that is directly related to work at home, like all kinds of dishes, tea towels with vintage motifs, flowers and even vegetables and fruits stored on its large counters.

Country kitchen with central island

kitchen style countryside furniture white wood

Before focusing on decoration, store everything you need in the kitchen because in a kitchen of this type, we find everything. In a real country style kitchen, the owner is the chef of the place! He is a real lover of real cooking, the one before! In other words, this person knows how to prepare meals and knows all the secrets of culinary art. She really knows how to cook and gives everyone the benefit of her gastronomic delights.

Country kitchen in blue

Italian country style kitchen

Of course, if your kitchen is smaller and its campaign style is less opulent, it does not make you less connoisseur in culinary art. It is simply easier to fully enjoy your kitchen when it is richer in utensils and appliances, if we speak the language of today.

Kitchen decoration in sky blue and white

wooden table kitchen style countryside ideas soil

An ultra modern kitchen has many advantages in terms of gastronomic art but despite this, many people prefer the country style kitchen. That does not mean that a country style kitchen can not be an ultra modern kitchen at the same time! For a kitchen to be modern, all it needs is that it is equipped with all the household appliances that can be used. But back to the countryside style that any kitchen can adopt if it prefers wood to plastic and the old look with a modern look. How to explain this phenomenon ? This could be explained by the fact that it is increasingly difficult to trust food products found in supermarkets and more and more people are gardening even in the city - on the roof, on the balcony, on the terrace, in the inner courtyard, etc. so as not to suffer from the impossibility of eating well.

Kitchen country decoration with wooden beams

white kitchens vintage wall shelves

Indeed, people prefer to grow their own gardens, especially to be fully aware of what they will find on their plates when they are eating. Eating informally is the main reason why people want to get back to the classic values ​​of good food and from there in the kitchen. By furnishing his kitchen in a style of yesteryear, they remember these values ​​daily.

White kitchen and wood decoration

italian contemporary kitchens wood decoration

A campaign style helps to remember the classic values ​​of good nutrition in everyday life. Think! An old style interior will push you to regularly take care of your garden where you plant your own crops and spices. Often such a kitchen is already in the country and its style is obvious naturally but if you chose this style for your kitchen in town, you should be very proud!

Country kitchen with solid wood furniture and yellow central island

countertop for kitchen central island wood

Not last, a kitchen of this rustic style and old is a vintage space par excellence. To immerse yourself in the vintage style is very classy these days! Enjoying a place like this can be very successful. You can create new contacts! None of this is to be neglected!

Country style kitchen with vintage furniture in blue

shabby chic furniture kitchen table

If you are a man, arranging your kitchen in this way guarantees you a loving relationship with a good girl for life! Believe us! An investment in this direction from you will push you far into the world of stable romantic relationships!

Country style kitchen furnishings with red furniture

color kitchen furniture buffet

Find more chic country style kitchen design ideas with the rest of the gallery images that follow and get inspired by them!

Kitchen design in country style with black and white furniture

kitchen design style countryside design

Kitchen decor in country style with dark and white wood furniture

kitchens country style planning ideas

Country style kitchen with wooden furniture

retro kitchens solid wood furniture

Stylish kitchen in country style with beige furniture and blue wall

kitchens country style white furniture

Idea for country style kitchen with white furniture and open island

islands for white kitchen fittings

Kitchen decoration in country style with beige furniture and central island

ideas central island kitchen country style

Country style kitchen design with beige furniture by Casati

kitchen design countryside style decoration

Country style kitchen decor with wood furniture and metal stove

kitchen metal solid wood furniture

Country style kitchen in white with metal cooker

vintage metal gas stove white kitchen decoration

Country style kitchen with solid wood island in vintage design

wooden islands for kitchen

Small island on roulettes for country style kitchen

design kitchens style countryside islet retro wood

Idea for retro island in wood and white for country style kitchen

idea central island kitchens style countryside

central island kitchen hoods

island central kitchen wood decoration

kitchen country style design and accessories

white kitchens central island layout

ideas sinks for stone kitchen

wooden floors for shabby chic kitchen

black and white tiles of countryside kitchen

wooden furniture for shabby chic kitchen

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kitchen sinks and countryside decoration

white wood country kitchen decoration

shelves for kitchen storage wood

solid wood color kitchen tables

red kitchen decoration in white

tile for white kitchen and wood

old kitchen decor renewal ideas

wrought iron furniture for vintage kitchen

retro open kitchen decorations

scandinavian kitchens vintage deco

deco vintage kitchens wood flooring

kitchens chic country ideas for open islands

white kitchen decor and wood bar

kitchens country chic flooring

modern kitchen island white wall cladding

antique kitchens beige furniture italy

white kitchen furniture sinks ideas

wooden kitchen decor and mural

kitchen country chic metal hoods

country kitchens shabby chic decor

country style kitchen with huge cooking island for ease

country style kitchen with island dining table

kitchen style white countryside spacious wood tile color

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