Corner furniture in 20 creative ideas for a successful layout

corner furniture side table white wood design lamp entrance toilet

Are you looking for original ideas for cornering your rooms? Entrance, living room, bathroom, bedroom or in another room ... Lay out each corner in a practical and functional way with corner furniture Orginals is always a good idea!

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In this way, you optimize the space while adding a new original touch to the whole room. To give you some ideas on how you can arrange yours, we have selected twenty different landscaping ideas. Let's discover them:

Corner furniture? Why not simply create a reading corner by putting some cushions?

corner furniture cushions original idea decoration plant decoration

Desire to' arrange the angle of your room but without installing bulky furniture? If your room angle is in the living room or the bedroom next to a window, why not create a reading corner nice as in the example above? Just put some soft cushions and the task is accomplished!

Gray corner armchair in a modern living room

corner furniture armchair gray idea furniture wood deco plant fixture suspension parquet wood

Every time you climb the stairs, its walls seem empty? Paste posters, install photo frames and paintings, customize your wall and create a more inviting atmosphere ... on the stairs! Here is a decorated stair angle with interesting illustrations:

Stair angle decorated with black and white illustrations

corner furniture deco wall paintings staircase wood idea fitting

If your bathroom is small and you do not have enough space, consider adjusting these angles. There are many corner bathroom furniture that you can find online or at specialty stores. It is also possible to order them to measure. If you like DIY, it is not very difficult to make a self .

Bathroom furnished with corner furniture

bathroom furniture corner idea furniture wood deco flowers

There is nothing more cozy than a fireplace in the living room. On cold days, it's wonderful to meet friends and share cakes and wine together. Install a chimney requires some investment, but it's a long-term investment. The fireplace will make your room more welcoming and warm. There are many economic models in energy. Plus, you can find one for your angle and save space!

Large corner fireplace in modern living room

fireplace idea furniture living room armchair sofa cushions

Modern corner fireplace

corner furniture corner fireplace modern idea living room furniture sofa cushions

If your space is big enough, it is possible to make a big corner of relaxation. Arrange the space in front of your window in a reading corner and place an armchair and a small coffee table beside it to put your books. Even more fun, it will be to install a chair type swing!

Armchair / swing suspended

design corner armchair suspended living room design idea

It is always good to have a look at his outfit before going on an adventure. For small and large rooms, the corner is one of the best corners to install a large and beautiful mirror. It will be well fixed and stable. No risk of falling and breaking.

Mirror decorated with light garland

light garland decoration mirror idea

Why not install a comfortable sofa in your kitchen and create a space Dining Area . For your breakfasts, your snack or your aperos, the dining area is a space that will always serve you.

Equipped dining area with sofa and white table

corner furniture corner sofa beige cushion round white table fixture suspension

Having a ladder in one's interior as a decoration or piece of furniture is very original and functional. From an aesthetic point of view, it gives a small side "building site". At the same time, from a practical point of view, she is a super comfortable coat stand. And then, she always remains a ladder, who does not need it at home?

Idea of ​​original coat rack

corner design idea ladder floor mats parquet armchair sofa white foot lamp

Reading corner with large sofa and cushions

corner furniture sofa cushions floor mats living room wall deco table

Kitchen cabinet for dining room or kitchen painted in orange

corner furniture kitchen wood door wood orange design dining room

Large bathroom cabinet in white painted wood

corner furniture bathroom wood sink design mirror wall light fixture suspension design

Corner bookcase

bookshelf angle wood design furniture living room

Corner cabinet for the bathroom with designer faucet

corner cabinet bathroom idea closet sink mirror

Corner desk for your workspace

corner desk wood bookshelf wood design idea bedroom bed

Romantic reading corner

corner arrangement idea cushion curtain

Entrance with white corner cabinet

corner furniture white wood design idea floor design

Wooden corner shelf

shelf corner wood design idea dining room arrangement table chairs deco wall table mirror

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