Corner furniture: what furniture for which space to choose?

furniture corner idea sofa angle

When it comes to a functional space layout, we immediately think of corner furniture. This type of furniture optimizes the space of your living room, entrance hall, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or toilet.

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No need for extra space to store your belongings, just be creative and use even the small spaces. Corner furniture comes in many shapes and designs. There are shelves suitable for all rooms, wooden dressers, desks, beds, sofas, wall bookcases (sometimes suspended), drawers. It is quite possible to make a custom corner furniture. For your inspiration and to give you some original ideas, we have selected for you 50 examples of corner cabinet of different sizes and styles.

Corner furniture: Corner sofa in blue for the dining room or the dining area

furniture corner kitchen design corner sofa blue light fixture hanging wall decor poster

For the layout of your dining room and kitchen, there are many solutions. If you can not afford to set up an entire room as a dining room or you want to create a functional dining area, our advice is to opt for a corner bench. It will assure you a pleasant and mellow comfort.

Corner furniture in white ideal for the kitchen or living room

corner cabinet idea wood storage cupboard fitting

If you do not have a cellar, you have a lot of business and you have no idea where and how to store them, we have the solution for you. Corner furniture is ideal for optimizing your space and creating a new storage and storage space. Preferably, opt for an original natural wood corner cabinet checked. Here is a shelf with white wood cupboard (above) and a bench with built-in drawers and cushions (below) that are ideal for small business racks.

Corner bench with drawers

room space saving furniture corner idea bench drawers

In recent years, corner beds have become very trendy for two reasons: the space saving and the gain of heat! In general, they are accompanied by a headboard. The headboard, considered more and more as a purely decorative element, has indeed a very practical function. It ensures excellent cold insulation. Originally, the authentic headboard was made of wood. Compared to stone and brick, it is the less conductive material so - the more insulating.

Corner bed: new trend to save space

bed angle bedroom wallpaper motif idea arrangement space saving

There are also corner beds that play the role of sofa. Here is a teenage room furnished with a corner sofa bed and decorated with cushions:

Designer sofa-bed in a teenager's room

corner furniture bedroom bed design cushions sofa shelves carpets

The corner sofa is only chosen for its space saving function. In reality, this sofa and its shape allow to position itself in a strategic way to converse. If you invite your friends or spend an evening with your family, this positioning will allow you to have your speakers in front of you. This type of sofa is also ideal for open living rooms. If you prefer large open spaces, by installing a corner sofa you will create a "living room" area. The same principle applies to the dining room and the kitchen. The furniture Corner plays a role of "closing" and "separation" of the room.

White corner sofa with black and gray cushions

corner sofa in white idea decorating space saving living room floor mats gray

Regardless of whether you enjoy a small or a large living space, corner furniture is always practical. To have a contemporary and well-appointed interior, it is important to properly calculate the space and think carefully about your daily needs in terms of functionality. Hoping that our corner furniture gallery will inspire you to find the ones that best match your search, we wish you a good visit:

Corner wood furniture

decorative wall entrance gain space wooden corner cabinet

Dining room with corner sofa

sofa corner storage idea corner cabinet mirror wall frame white wood

Gray corner sofa

corner sofa gray deco wall cushions round wooden table small space saving

Corner bed with bedhead

corner furniture space saving wall deco wall furniture wooden carpet blue

Corner drawers for the kitchen

furniture corner kitchen drawer wood idea storage

Drawers corner in white

kitchen corner drawer white wood design space saving corner cabinet

Wooden corner drawers

kitchen furniture corner drawer wood design storage space saving

Wooden corner chest of drawers

corner cabinet wood design idea storage practical layout space saving

White wood corner cabinet

corner design idea corner cabinet wood design storage

corner furniture idea space saving wood shelf decoration deco wall frame

wooden furniture design wood deco wall plant idea window

wooden furniture shelf design deco plant idea chair wall

corner furniture space saving idea furniture design wood bouquet of flowers

furniture corner black wood design idea storage floor mats gray

corner cabinet wood design storage arrangement functional practical idea

corner kitchen idea storage space saving

space saving furniture wood design idea chair storage dining room

wooden shelf idea space saving wooden storage cabinet wooden floor

shelf black angle wood idea parquet furniture design decoration entrance space saving storage

shelf wood design practical storage space saving entrance living room

bookshelf wood design idea plant deco storage books frames

black shelf design angle wall idea storage space saving

wooden shelves design idea storage flower pots deco furniture design

corner shelf design wood space saving original idea

shelf wood corner storage space saving idea inside

kitchen space saving shelf wood storage deco wall idea

corner wardrobe in wood white design space saving bedroom idea arrangement shelf

living room space saving idea corner cabinet wood shelf white wall deco

corner cabinet storage wood idea bathroom space saving

corner desk white wood design deco plant parquet brown

furniture corner storage wood frame design storage wooden floor idea

white shelf wood design practical storage idea

furniture corner wood design storage arrangement idea shelves

furniture corner corner office black idea storage room space saving wall deco frame

furniture corner storage shelf corner living room dining room convenient

corner furniture shelf orange corner corner furniture kitchen dining room

corner cabinet wood design idea bathroom interior modern design

furniture corner corner drawers wooden blue design idea furniture storage

furniture corner shelf wood design bed cushions idea space saving

furniture corner bookcase white wood design deco idea practical storage

furniture corner corner desk wooden design drawer poster deco chair design

furniture corner design idea corner wardrobe white design room space saving

furniture corner sofa cushions sofa angle

furniture corner shelf wood idea

corner furniture idea interior coffee table

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