Corner TV cabinet: interior design ideas

original design TV corner cabinet

The corner furniture tv is one of the most common choices for interior design. There are different versions of them all over the house: in the living rooms and in the dining rooms, but also in the parents' bedrooms and even in the children's bedrooms and in the modern games rooms.

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Here are our 50 ideas for interior furniture solutions of this type.

Idea of ​​interior design with small corner furniture tv

small corner TV cabinet

The small corner cabinet is an ideal solution for tight spaces and studios. Much of this furniture has storage and shelves, open or closed. These offer a possibility of storage of magazines, books and decorative objects. Even when they're small, corner TV cabinets are a popular addition to movie lovers: they allow you to install home theater system components and turn a living room into a real movie theater. . Plus, they come with enough space to store our movie collections and our favorite series sets!

Example of interior design with large angle TV cabinet

white design TV corner cabinet

The large corner TV cabinet offers more storage space. It can be used according to the preferences of the household members. It becomes easily decorative bookcase or storage space for selected movie cabinets. For families with children, this kind of large corner TV cabinet allows you to quickly store and locate your children's favorite shows for those moments when the little members of the household are allowed to watch them. If you have enough space in your living room and you can afford one of these furniture, do not worry that these shelves can remain empty: they are transformed quickly and easily into space of decoration that could be adorned with a vase design like those designed by Alessi or nice family photos.

Idea of ​​interior design with corner furniture TV with chimney

living room english style furniture fireplace

The modern TV corner cabinet also exists in an original version-the one with a fireplace. In fact, thanks to modern technologies and built-in fireplaces, it is easy to integrate a fireplace into a wooden cabinet, something unthinkable in the past. This type of TV stand, which you can see as an example on the picture above, is a good solution for houses with lounges or bedrooms with reduced space. It occupies little space and offers the functionality of a TV corner cabinet and a fireplace with, in addition, storage for books or for DVDs.

Corner Furniture for Belvedere TV by Upton Home

corner furniture TV deco rustic living room

Today, many people prefer to watch movies on the screen of their computers, enjoying the various TV services on demand or renting and buying on the internet. In fact, the computer screen has replaced that of television in many modern homes, such as those of young couples, students or those forced to travel often or not wanting to clutter their homes. an extra screen.

Wooden corner TV cabinet and computer screen

computer console wood furniture

For all these people, the modern console angle could be transformed not only into office , but also in furniture for ideal TV. You see an example suitable for small spaces and that can house a big screen, perfect for the work and for the moments where one wishes to relax watching his favorite series! And, now, we suggest you to discover all our ideas for interior design with corner furniture tv with the images of the gallery below:

Interior decoration ideas and angle TV stand

interior ideas home corner furniture tv

Practical corner cabinet in wood

corner furniture TV wood

Contemporary design bedroom with corner cabinet

Corner furniture-TV-room

Corner wooden furniture for television

furniture wood decor adult bedroom

Corner cabinet with shelves in black

black furniture living room furniture tv

Modern living room decoration with corner cabinet

interior deco white TV furniture

Vintage deco living room and wooden corner TV cabinet

wood furniture vintage style living room

TV corner cabinet and interior of modern design

corner furniture tv decp interior modern

Deco industrial style and corner furniture tv

industrial decoration tele corner furniture

Living room with large corner furniture for tv

decoration living room furniture angle tv

Modern living room interior design and corner TV cabinet

photo modern living rooms TV stand angle

Contemporary design lounge and coffee table for TV

contemporary living room tables tv

Contemporary living room and corner furniture tv

corner furniture tv interior design house

Small furniture for angle TV and living room deco

small corner furniture tv deco modern living room

Small corner furniture for TV in wood

idea furniture corner angle tv lounge wood

Idea of ​​interior design and small corner furniture tv

corner furniture tv wood furniture

Contemporary design TV stand in white

contemporary furniture storage tv deco design salon

Example of furniture for tv of contemporary design and interior decoration

images tv corner furniture interior decoration

Corner TV cabinet with contemporary wooden design

contemporary interior design tv cabinet

furniture living room deco black tv

wood furniture tele consoles computer

tv furniture idea white living room decoration

picture furnitures tv interior deco house

pictures tv corner furniture living room

corner furniture tv and computer

idea interior deco furniture tele

living room ideas wood furniture

furniture and TV table decoration living room

coffee table TV angle

pictures living room modern furniture angle

ideas living room furniture wood tv

idea living room white TV stand

decoration living room design corner furniture tele

furniture room furniture angle tv

game room child tv furniture

interior decoration home furniture tele

interior furniture angle

idea interior deco living room furniture corner wood

chic furniture idea bedroom

home decor furniture tv

home deco small furniture tv angle

modern home decor furniture wood angle

modern console wood corner cabinet

modern console TV furniture

console wood furniture tv angle

photo furniture tv angle interior design

contemporary interior corner furniture tv

Layouts cabinet-interior-angle-tv

color painting living room white furniture tele

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