Country cuisine brings rustic spirit to the house

Country kitchen islet wood stools idea light fixtures

There is a simple alternative to decorate your kitchen in a very short time, without investing in an expensive kitchen equipped with design - to do its country cooking. Very trendy, this style is both warm and easygoing.

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Simple to realize, the neo-rustic decoration is based on soft colors , wooden elements and some accessories retro , looking out of our grandmother's kitchen. When it comes to designing the interior of your home, its architectural style will be largely dictated by your choices. If you have a mid-century modern home, you will probably lean towards the elegant and the modern. A bungalow can be filled with handcrafted furniture. If you have a house in the countryside or in the woods, you can not go wrong choosing a rustic and country design pattern.

The country kitchen is trendy and warm

Country kitchen rustic design

Wall stone, exposed beams or old tiles, all period elements must be preserved. If you live in an old house, know that the Pierre apparent is the best asset for a country kitchen. This raw material has no equal to give an authentic character. Most rustic kitchens have wooden elements. It is perfect because it is the basic material from which we will compose a country kitchen.

Wood is always present in the country kitchen

Country kitchen blue wood lighting

You can also ceruse your kitchen items by applying a white patina, which will give an aged look to your furniture. The country cuisine combines the rural way of life with cabinets sturdy, warm colors and warm wood with lots of character.

Other materials are stone and metal

Country kitchen idea stool island

Decorate country cuisine with plants and flowers

Country kitchen natural wood ideas

The exposed beams accompany the rustic kitchen

Rustic kitchen-island

Country kitchen with exposed beams

Country kitchen with exposed beams

A combination of wood, stone and white furniture

Elegant country kitchen

The modern oven fits perfectly in this rustic kitchen

Country wood kitchen

Traditional cuisine with a mezzanine

Traditional cuisine with a mezzanine

Country decor for the kitchen

Rustic country decor

Rustic kitchen island in the countryside

Country kitchen island

Combination of modern and traditional in the kitchen

Wood furniture country kitchen

Stone apparent in the rustic kitchen

Bricks in the kitchen

Combination of metal and wood in the kitchen

Rustic country kitchen

Unbleached and metal kitchen

Rustic country kitchen

Rustic country chandelier

Shaggy rug in the country kitchen

Traditional country cuisine


Bright and sunny country kitchen

Country kitchen with a cook in the middle

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