Cover a wooden deck: tips, tricks and decoration

cover a deck wooden ideas swimming pool modern design

A beautiful, well-appointed wooden deck is the perfect addition for any contemporary home. The wooden deck is not only a very elegant element, it can actually improve the way you interact with your living space by connecting the house to the garden.

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But then what does it take to know for cover a wooden deck and decorate it? By reading this article, you will discover many tips and interesting ideas about the wooden deck.

Cover a wooden terrace: example of terrace with minimalist design

cover a terrace wooden terrace ideas decking

So what kind of wood to use for cover a wooden deck ? There are several types of wood that can be used for the construction of a wooden deck provided you know if the boards are well suited for such use. Softwoods are the cheapest option but need to be pressure treated and then sealed. Some woods, such as cedar, are naturally water resistant. In recent years, hardwoods such as oak, teak, iroko and Ipe have become very trendy. They are more expensive but also more durable.

Wooden deck for braided garden furniture

cover a wooden deck house deco modern exterior

Generally, the wooden boards used for the covering of the terrace are wide between 90mm and 145mm and their thickness depends on the type of wood used. Panel versions, sometimes referred to as wood slabs, may be easier to install than planks. Grooved boards are similar to wooden boards but more popular and less expensive.

Deco of small modern wooden terrace

how to cover a wooden deck pictures

The location of your deck, its size and use are important factors in choosing the quality of materials you will use. A simple softwood design is appropriate for a terrace at the back of your garden, for example. There are again many factors to consider but no matter which surface you choose, you will need a stable base for the terrace. This usually means creating a high wooden frame, securing it to the top with solid pillars at regular intervals and with joints.

Decorated wooden deck with designer furniture and outdoor fireplace

cover a wooden deck fireplace

Regarding the decoration of the wooden deck, it all depends on its size, location, use and taste. Will you use your deck as a place of relaxation or do you expect to turn it into a place for family reunions and parties? How many people will use the terrace? Will you connect it to your home plan? You must answer all these questions before decorating your wooden deck. Some people are satisfied with just a few simple pieces of furniture like a bench and a coffee table, while others transform their terrace into a real outdoor room and make it very comfortable by arranging it with a large dining table, chairs, a table and chairs. sitting area and perhaps a fireplace. In some cases, the wooden deck can also be used as an outdoor kitchen for family barbecues. Here are some beautiful creative ideas for decorating and decorating wooden decks:

Wooden deck with pool and large glass dining table

cover a wooden deck pool

Modern wooden terrace decoration

cover a deco pool deck

Wooden terrace with outdoor kitchen

landscaping terrace wood outdoor kitchen

Wooden terrace with gray garden furniture

cover a wooden deck amenagement

Modern wooden terrace furniture

cover a wooden deck upholstery

Wooden deck decorated with two comfortable lounge chairs

cover a wooden deck sun loungers

cover a contemporary wooden deck

cover a design wooden deck

cover a contemporary design wooden deck

cover an original design wooden deck

cover an elegant wooden deck

cover a wooden deck idea

cover a wooden deck furniture

cover a wooden deck wood furniture

cover a modern wooden deck

cover a pergola wooden deck

cover a wooden deck garden lounge

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cover a luxury wooden deck

cover a minimalist wooden deck

cover a modern design wooden deck

cover a wooden terrace idee amenagement

cover a decked decking outdoor decking

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