Cozy atmosphere: 14 modern interiors from Toronto to Taipei

cozy atmosphere indoor modern living room armchair chair bed arrangement sliding glass door

How does one define "cozy"? Is it synonymous with comfortable, cozy and pleasant? How to create a cozy atmosphere at home ? Soft colors, large sofa, plush armchairs, soft lighting ... Discover this selection of 14 warm and inviting interiors to relax from Toronto to Taipei via Germany, England, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan and South Korea.

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What is "cosiness" in different corners of the planet?

Cozy atmosphere lounge, Mjölk House in Toronto Canada

cozy atmosphere indoor living room sofa black cushion bookcase wood low wooden table

Often the cozy atmosphere is associated with order and cleanliness. Usually, a so-called "cozy" interior, is a tidy interior including noble materials and quality with some colorful decorative details. In reality, cosiness is relative. It is difficult to give him a precise and concrete description. For this season, our gallery of friendly interiors includes examples very different from each other. These are interiors that predispose to return and rest. Make the trip with us: try the fluffy bed covered with a blanket in Toronto, sit on the gray armchair in Stockholm and flip through the book on the small wooden table . Then take an aperitif in Taiwan and a tzatziki in Greece, to finish drinking tea in South Korea.

Cozy bedroom

cozy atmosphere bedroom idea interior modern design bed shelves wood

A soft decoration, a beautiful window and a bed covered with a wool blanket: this interior includes only noble materials and quality. Wood and wool are two materials that provide a very cozy atmosphere thanks to their natural and clean. To create a user-friendly interior, the use of natural materials is paramount.

Interior with clean lines, "House for Julia and Biórn", Egg, Austria

cozy atmosphere apartment idea carpet gray fireplace cushion wood

Cozy workspace in a wooden interior

contemporary interior cozy modern idea home improvement wooden house

Modern and cozy interior living room with beautiful exterior view, Archipelago, Norway

contemporary lounge-interior-chair-table-wood

Villa Altona, Sollentuna, Sweden

atmosphere cozy idea interior arrangement wood parquet staircase chair carpet beige

Norwegian nature


Modern minimalist living room, Tsai Residence, Taipei, Taiwan

warm atmosphere apartment modern living room sofa coffee table design window interior contemporary living room taiwan

The dining room

cozy dining room idea layout modern design white table wood chairs shelves fixtures hanging

Dining room furnished with stone and wood, Villa Kalos, Ithaca, Greece

dining room design wooden table chair black chair stone wall luminaire hanging design

The terrace

modern exterior villa kalos greece terrace

Clean living room interior, Off / Ramberg House, Holmestrand, Norway

warm atmosphere interior modern wood lounge chair round coffee table interior design scandinavian

Tea Room, Four Box House, Seoul, South Korea

living room tea minimalist cozy south korea modern interior

The staircase

cozy atmosphere cozy decoration stairs idea soft colors

Concrete house by Nickisch Sano Walder Architects

cozy atmosphere living room Scandinavian style Swiss lighting armchair

1930s Palazzo-Style Apartment, Milan, Italy

apartment design floor idea living room lounge chair table gray

The bedroom

modern interior design bedroom bed parquet wood furniture night table

Dining Room, House 11, Munich, Germany

dining room interior design wooden table chair lighting design

Dining room in white and wood, Herringbone House, London, England

dining room design wooden table chair lighting fixture Scandinavian interior design

The living room

modern interior living room armchair minimalist layout cozy fixture hanging design wooden table

Lake House, Lake Cottage, Bolsover, Ontario

cozy modern interior design idea home improvement

Living room with fireplace

idea design space cozy modern design wooden staircase

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