Cozy decor for the winter in some warm ideas

deco cozy interior winter ideas

In autumn and winter it is cold, the leaves of the trees change colors, the low sun creates beautiful shadows and the end of the year celebrations approach with promises of an atmosphere of joyous festivity.
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And among all the pleasant things that await us during the cold season there is also the change of scenery in the interior to welcome the cold weather in beauty. It's really not difficult to make some changes in your interior to create a warm cozy decor . In this article, we hope to give you some ideas how to succeed.

Cozy living room with fireplace

cozy deco idea fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your home, then it's time to start using it and you'll immediately notice a positive change in the atmosphere. And for those who love fake fireplaces, decorating them with candles is a very good option. You can also find a basket that enters the opening of the fireplace and fill it with dry branches and light garlands to create a cozy decor. You can do the same thing with the real chimney if you put the basket next to it and not inside the chimney opening.

Cozy decor for winter with candles

cozy deco idea candles

But the chimney is not the only source of heat in winter. You can also opt for warm blankets over the sofa and armchairs that will keep you warm when it's cold outside. But instead of grandmother's typical blankets, try a plaid, fur or knit blanket for a more original decor. All of these different textures and styles will create a sense of comfort and warmth in the room even when you're not using them. Also remember to change the cushions on the couch. Opt for richer, saturated colors, thicker textures, and even knitting to change the look of the interior.
Idea of ​​cozy decor with thematic cushions

cozy deco decorative cushions

Another idea, easy to make for the winter, is to change the lampshades with burlap versions, for example. The result - a more rustic decor, perfect for the cold season. Burlap is a very popular material at the moment that combines well with the colors of winter and autumn. Have you ever thought of changing the decor of your windows in winter? Indeed, by changing curtains, for example, you will give new colors and textures to the decoration of the interior.
Cozy bedroom decor

cozy bedroom decor gray

The change of accessories is another way to create a cozy decor in winter. Visit your garage and use for your decoration, for example, storage baskets, lanterns or empty tin cans. Fill a basket with pumpkins and gourds to put it on the table or put lanterns on the stairs or in the entrance to make the decor brighter. Dead leaves, pumpkins, pine cones, red berries are great ideas for decorating your home in winter. In addition, they are very easy to achieve. Candles are beautiful accessories and, at the same time, an easy way to create a seasonal atmosphere. Opt for candles that smell good and remind you of autumn. Here are some other interesting ideas in pictures:
Cozy living room deco

cozy decor elegant living room

Cozy decorating idea with wooden coffee table

cozy deco living room coffee table wood

Warm living room deco idea

deco cozy interior idea

Modern living room decoration for winter

cozy deco winter interior

Bedroom decoration in gray with light garlands

cozy bedroom deco

cozy black decor white living room

cozy modern bedroom deco

cozy deco cover tiles

cozy deco winter idea

cozy deco idea armchair

cozy deco idea interesting living room

cozy deco idea living room

cozy deco idea living room wood

cozy white living room deco

cozy deco adult room

cozy living room chmeinee

cozy deco living room idea

cozy modern living room deco

cozy deco living room green gray

cozy deco bedroom

deco cozy winter idea

deco cozy wood idea

deco cozy idea room to coeucher

deco cozy room design

deco cozy interior idea

cozy deco living room fireplace

cozy beige living room deco beige

cozy deco living room sofa leather

cozy modern living room deco

deco cozy living room modern idea

cozy modern living room deco purple

cozy deco living room dining room

cozy deco living room chalet style

deco entree cozy winter

deco winter modern living room

deco interior winter idea

modern interior deco winter

winter decoration interior idea

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