Create an industrial-style service for the coffee break

industrial style furniture

Make your own furniture may be tricky, but we will detail the process of making an original serving, for a industrial style functional.

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Imagine answering "Thank you, it's me who built it! When you will be complimented on your coffee service, which can also become a bookstore or furniture to move wherever you want in the kitchen.

a multi-function furniture

serving industrial chair

The advantage of creating your own furniture is that you can choose its dimensions as you see fit. And all in less than an hour, it's easier than it seems. It is a mobile piece of furniture that will find its place as well in a particular house as in an office.

a service for the house or the office

practical mobile storage space

For this you will need:

  • From a portable electric screwdriver
  • Optional spray paint for metal
  • 3 boards of identical size (Ask your DIY store to cut them out, if you do not have a circular saw)
  • 4 trolley wheels, 2 with locking mechanism
  • 8 metal tubes, threaded at the ends
  • Of 4 round flanges with flanges, drilled and threaded (thus tapped)
  • A box of small wood screws, whose length does not exceed the thickness of your boards.

The necessary equipment

material manufacturing service

For starters, you can paint the threaded tubes. Screw the flanges to the ends of the tubes to assemble them. Position the flanges at the 4 corners of the first board, and mark the location where the screws will be, to pre-drill a diameter that is about half that of your screws.

The first step

assembly instructions

Screw the tubes connected to the flanges. Flip your board on the back, with the 4 tubes in the air. Secure the bottom of the second board in the same way. Do the same for the third. You get a shelf with 3 levels. As you have screwed the flanges to flange, proceed to attach the casters, placing the two that have a locking mechanism in two opposite angles. And here's the work, help yourself with our photos.


mounting instructions continued

"It's me who made it!"

metal wood serving

serving flange collar detail

mobile functional furniture

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